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Cool Kid

Janelle Kull

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09/01/2010 - By Sherri Roberts

Janelle's last name says it all. It's Kull, but it's pronounced "cool". In her 15 years, she has become a world traveler who reads, writes, and speaks Chinese, English, and some Spanish! There are so many notable things about Janelle, but one of the most special things is the way she got this cool last name. She was chosen.

The Kull family had four grown children and had already adopted a son, Taylor, and a daughter, LiAnne, from China. But they weren't complete yet. Rick and Starla began an internet search for one more child to adopt and love and found Janelle when she was 13 years old. She was living in an orphanage in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China where she had lived since she was an infant and where she worked cleaning and taking care of the younger children. By this time she had lost much hope of being adopted because most people wanted the babies.

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Janelle has lived most of her life since her adoption on the mission field. She moved immediately from China to Mexico where her parents were missionaries and where her family began teaching her English beginning with the alphabet. The family moved to Casper in April of 2009 and since that time, Janelle has acquired a good handle on English, and has worked through several grade levels at home.

In April of this year, Janelle went back to China on her own mission trip with her dad and seven others from her church. She was there for two weeks and helped with a VBS, went into the public schools to teach Bible songs, and visited an orphanage. At the orphanage, Janelle offered comfort to the special needs children by doing things like massaging sore legs and playing with the babies. She was very valuable to the American team since she could interpret!

Janelle says she likes living here in the states best because she has made friends and has a good church. She does still like Asian food best and can really get her money's worth at any Chinese buffet. Janelle enjoys helping and serving others in her community and at home. Twice a month she volunteers as a babysitter for MOPS and helps her family take care of foster children. She is also enjoying helping her dad with a basement remodel project where she has learned many skills including how to grout tile.

When Janelle isn't traveling around the world or serving in Casper, she likes to play table tennis on Wii, attend youth group, ride her bike, and play guitar. She also likes to go camping and fishing with her family.

Janelle loves animals, especially dogs and would like to become a service animal trainer someday. There probably won't be too much grass growing under her feet, though, because she sees more mission trips on her horizon. That's just part of belonging to the cool Kull family.

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