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Cool Kid

Steven Shaffer

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08/01/2010 - By Sherri Roberts

Most families, especially large ones, know the value of a good hand-me-down. It seems that many times the younger children rarely see anything new, but are blessed and happy to have what used to belong to their older siblings. Steven Shaffer's family has taken this concept to a new level and that is how he came to own a business called Three Girls Mowin'.

You have to be tough to be a teenage boy operating a business with that moniker! Three Girls Mowin' employs Steven and two of his younger sisters. The name came from the original owners of the business, Steven's three older sisters. This very profitable family mowing and trimming venture has been passed down from sibling to sibling for 13 years until it was placed into Steven's hands. And there have been plenty of Shaffers in line. Steven has five sisters and one brother!

Steven already knows what he wants to do when it's time to pass the mowing business on down to one of his sisters. He says he wants to be a pastor and he is practicing now by volunteering as co-leader of a boys' 7th grade group at his church. He might like to go to Moody Bible College in Chicago in the future, but in the mean time, he spends a lot of hours reading the Bible, studying, and scrutinizing Christian Literature. He also takes time to listen to sermons on the internet or radio. You might find Steven on Face Book where it is his hobby to post Scripture with his own commentary.

Steven's sister, Amber, says that, "He is a consistent, faithful, caring young man." As an example of this, she says he has promised to take her somewhere special for her birthday. This will be no fast food date, either. Birthdays are very important to the Shaffer family. Steven started a tradition with his mom years ago that on birthdays, they each get new birthday clothes and go to a nice restaurant together. Sometimes he takes one of his sisters or his mom on dates for other occasions too, such as when the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission has a concert in town. Ah, chivalry is not dead!

This fall, Steven will begin his senior year of high school, but he has already begun classes through the BOCES program at Casper College. One of his favorite subjects is history because, "If you don't study your past, you're destined to not have much of a future."

I don't think Steven has to worry too much about his future. His family has passed on much more than a hand-me-down business with a paradoxical name. They have given him the legacy of a hard work ethic, care for others, and clear vision. With all of those things jingling in his pocket, I'm sure the future is pretty bright for this month's cool kid!

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