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Cool Kid

Jessica Sheddon

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07/01/2010 - By Sherri Roberts

The crowd stares in anticipation and all eyes are on the red-stitched sphere flying toward the batter. In less than a second we all hear the familiar "PING" of ball connecting with aluminum bat. The ball flies out to left field for a triple! Jessica Sheddon races to first base, charges around to second base, and finally parks at third. The fans cheer and mom and dad beam even though this is the kind of play we have all grown accustomed to whenever number eight is up to bat.

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Jessica has been playing all kinds of sports for most of her nine years. Now she is gaining even more experience playing for the 1A Angels in the Casper Youth Baseball League. Her coach, Pat Ibach, says, "Jessica is one of the nicest people I have ever coached. She's competitive, she hits the ball really hard, and I am really glad to have her on the team." He also adds that Jessica has greatly improved since the beginning of the season. This is probably because her dad, Wes, spends so much time with her. He often takes her to the park to play catch and they frequently go to the batting cages together.

Jessica is also very close to her two older brothers, Josh and Dillon. They have taught her all kinds of things from sports to skateboarding to tree climbing to trampoline flips. They have also been dirt biking with Jessica since she was only four years old!

For those moments when Jessica needs girl time, she also has a sister, Ashley. Jessica enjoys helping Ashley with her baby, Skyler Elliette. Sometimes Jessica also goes with her mom, Debbie, on walks, to visit friends, or to do their favorite girl activity-shoe shopping. In fact, Jessica already owns about fourteen pairs of shoes!

Jessica just finished the third grade at Paradise Valley Christian School where she received very good grades. She was even listed on the principal's honor roll and received a dog from her parents for her efforts! She says her favorite subjects are Bible and math.

Perhaps the thing that strikes me most about this young lady is her humility. Although she is well advanced in sports, she quietly enjoys an Icee with the rest of the team after the game and when others congratulate her on yet another great triple or homerun, she merely smiles and says, "Thank you." Jessica is one of the best ball players I have ever seen and she plans to put her skills to good use. She has hopes to get a baseball or softball scholarship and become a sports star! If that doesn't work out she wants to become a baseball coach, umpire, or P.E. teacher. With her drive and competitive nature, I have no doubt that Jessica will achieve all she dreams of doing.

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