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Wedding Day Stress? Stay Healthy!

06/01/2010 - We are quickly approaching the 'wedding season' and if you are in that group – first of all, congratulations!

Those of us who have been there know the stressors – it is usually not the happiest day of a bride's life until AFTER the wedding is over and everyone can breathe normally again. We all know stress can cause a lot of pain, suffering, and downright discomfort. There are a few things that you – whether the bride, the groom, the parents – whatever your role, can do to stay healthy for the happy occasion.

Eat healthy. Don't let the excitement of the event screech to a halt because of poor eating choices throughout all of this. Eat plenty of fruit (not fruit juices – you don't need the sugar high nor the sugar crash at the end) as well as vegetables to make sure all of your systems remain functionally normal.

Stay active. Your activities should not be limited to taste-testing the wedding foods. Commit to 30 minutes each day to some activity that makes you move. Even the new 'fitness' programs for the gaming systems are better than not doing anything. Along with your eating healthy, moving will help ensure all of your systems remain functionally normal.

Avoid new styles. If you haven't worn it or done it before, don't decide to wear it or do it on the day of the wedding. If it looks differently than what you hoped for, you can't fix it and you will not be happy. If you are attending the wedding, do not upstage the bride or the groom. In this case, it is not all about you – relax, and let them have their day.

Look out! As part of your planning process, make sure you and everyone present is safe. Don't overload the alcohol (remember those holiday office parties?) and limit what you do with candles. Clothes should fit properly to avoid slips, trips, and falls – funny on the 'funniest videos' show; not so much for you. And, be careful of heels that create falls from an elevation. Face down, face first can really color up your wedding photos.

Bodies cannot function without sleep. Yes, I know the pre-wedding jitters can make sleep difficult. When you finally crash from exhaustion and miss your wedding day, really miss your honeymoon, or even end up hospitalized to miss everything (including your money that still has to pay for it all), you'll be even more stressed when you wake up. This also will help ensure all of your systems remain functionally normal.

Get a physical. Yes, go see the doctor. Whether discussing family planning or just making sure all of your systems are functionally normal (see the pattern here for the end result?), get some advice. And, if you already know things that are not where they should be, the additional stressors can compound the condition(s), making things much worse.

Make the day the best you can by reducing the stress. And may you live happily ever after.

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