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A Mosture-Rich Sprin

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06/01/2010 - In May, I was sure that the gardening season was about to get under way. Like many of you, I expected that the rain and snow would stop, and that we would be able to get outside and start working. But Wyoming's weather is a very unpredictable thing, and the wet weather just kept coming week after week. Now the sun has come out to shine more often, so it is good to be able to get outside to get some things done.

One of the best things about all the wet weather is how green it has become around Casper. One of the bad things is that the cold weather in May not only set back our planting dates for the season, but it also set back the clocks on our existing plants and trees. Many species that would normally have leafed out in early May were barely leafing out in the first part of June. So if some of your plants seem smaller this year than other years, just give them some time and they will catch up.

Also, now that the weather has warmed up, be sure that your watering schedules are keeping up with the changing needs of your plants. Only a few days of warm weather can cause the plants to use up any rainwater in the soil. So be sure to check the soil around your plantings often to make sure it is not getting too dry.

With the added sun we have been seeing lately your bloom count on your plants will go up. So if they have seemed unusually green so far this year, the blooms should be getting ready to come out now. It is likely that the wet spring helped your plants to develop more foliage, and since that is what feeds the blooms, the amount of blooms this year on trees and perennials should be better than ever. The crabapples around town this spring were nothing short of amazing. So although the season might have seemed like it took forever to get here this year, now that the season is upon us the extra moisture should help to make it one of the most successful ever.

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