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Cool Kid

Makenna White

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06/01/2010 - By Sherri Roberts

Maybe it's because she is the middle child among seven children. Maybe it's because her older brothers have had an enormous influence in her life. Whatever the reason, eight-year-old MaKenna shows up for our interview at McDonald's wearing her Indianapolis Colts pajamas and ready to tell me everything!

I am prepared to talk about princess tea parties, but MaKenna says the only good thing about those is the food. "I'm more like a tomboy, I would say," she explains to me. "On the playground, the girls like to play ponies, or unicorns, or whatever- yuck! I like to play other things." Between French fries, she also tells me that she can beat a lot of the boys in sports, especially rough house basketball and Upward basketball. "People think boys are more tougher, but I don't think they are, because look at these!" she exclaims as she pulls up her sleeve to display a flexed bicep.

MaKenna goes on to tell me that she is a lot like her dad, Pastor Kenny White of Christian Missionary Alliance. They are both funny, have a great sense of humor, and especially like the Colts. "The Colts are a really good team," she states. "They work hard to play and my favorite color is blue."

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But MaKenna isn't all tomboy. She is also like her mom, Cindy. They like to go shopping together for lots of things, especially shoes (as long as they aren't pink). MaKenna says she is glad that her mom isn't like other moms. Instead, "she's short and cute."

One of the most important qualities I discovered about MaKenna is her tender heart. Her siblings all agree that she has a real sense of justice and makes sure things are fair. She is compassionate with her friends and will stand up for one who is mistreated. She often seeks out lonely people and befriends them. Cindy reports that MaKenna likes to take care of people in the neighborhood by raking leaves, running their dogs, or just keeping them company.

Perhaps the most special relationship MaKenna has is with "Grammy Ruth," her great grandmother who lives in Thermopolis. She loves to visit her often and spend time with her shopping, swimming, and watching TV. MaKenna says, "I really admire her because of her smell and how nice she is. She is really good at making her bed and she is the best at swimming!" Each night before she goes to bed, MaKenna goes through the things Grammy Ruth has given her. She holds the items close to her heart, reads and smells the letters, and thinks of her Grammy. "I don't know what I'd do without her." If MaKenna was queen of the world, she would, "cancel spinach, girly-girls, and college and have more Grammies."

MaKenna has big plans for when she grows up. She is going to move in with her big sister, Bianca, and they will travel the world together, starting with Ireland. She also wants to be an astronaut because, "It says in this one book that you can't whistle on the moon and I am going to prove that you can." With all of her energy and determination, I don't doubt that she will!

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