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My Marvelous Mom

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05/01/2010 - By Brittany Pettit (age 11)

If I follow in the footsteps of my mom, I will be a wonderful wife and mother. My mom, MariAnn Pettit, says that in order to be a super mother it's important to seek wisdom in prayer and in God's Word. One of her favorite Scriptures is James 1:5- "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him." She also follows the example of others who are more experienced and have good fruit. This must be why she exemplifies encouragement, selflessness, and love for God.

In all my years of living, my mom never has doubted me and my abilities. I have gone to Awana Bible Quizzing for three years and she was there, cheering me on in her heart and prayers. She has always been there for me when I need her the most.

Strep throat has struck me twice in my life. Both times I had to go to the emergency room. Once, my dad had to stay home with my sister so my mom went with me alone. She stayed awake all night, even though she doesn't get good sleep all the time. She felt the pain as I did.

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My little sister, BriAnna (seven) is a mommy's girl. She says that her favorite things about Mom are, "I like that my mom cuddles me, and reads books to me, and reads the Bible to me." One of my friends has said, "I think your mom is… loving and positive."

Twenty years ago my parents met when mom and grandma moved into the apartment across the street from my dad and his parents. This was no coincidence and they have been married for sixteen years. My dad, Mark, says mom completes him. "She is everything I am not."

Selflessness is portrayed in everything Mom does. Most of her day is spent homeschooling us and driving us to the library, P.E., the homeschool co-op, or dance. In the summer she takes us swimming and thrift store shopping. She rarely ever spends a moment where she is the center of attention. Her only payment for all her work is a hug and a kind word.

Another thing that sets my mom apart from many others is that her heart beats for God. She is exceptionally strong in her faith. Whenever we lose something, she says, "Pray and let God do the rest." And we always have found whatever we have sought.

Mom's hobby is evangelism and she definitely puts her whole self into it. Every Wednesday she picks up six teenagers (or more) and brings them to The Link for a Bible study and fun. Also, every Friday, she teaches a Bible club at Frontier Middle School. She helps them with their problems and has become their best friend. She knows that every minute she spends with the students leads them closer to God.

Her care for me, her love for God, and her kindness towards others are just a few of the many wonderful attributes of my mother. God sure knew what He was doing when He gave her to me!

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