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04/01/2010 - Hello everyone! Well, I hit a new milestone on March 6th, just past the time when we send the magazine to the printer so I couldn't write about it last month. I thought hitting the half-century mark was a wonderful milestone but it's nothing compared to becoming a grandma! Allow me to share a couple pictures from my "grandma brag book", one of my first attempts at scrapbooking. (I suppose you just need the right motive.)

Our family was sitting at Taco Bell with the grandparents for our usual weekly get together when the cell phone rang. As I looked at the caller ID, I knew it was our daughter, Holly, calling from Uganda. (Isn't technology wonderful?) She said, "Guess what time it is in Uganda. It's 2:30 a.m. It's baby time! We're on our way to the hospital." (The hospital is three hours from their home.) It was a real treat to have the call come in while we were with the grandparents at Taco Bell. You see, when they were in the states, we took our son-in-law, William, to all manner of fancy restaurants. When they headed back to Uganda we asked him what his favorite American restaurant was. He said without hesitation, "Taco Bell!" I believe the special time with the grandparents each week had something to do with it. "Our" Taco Bell is managed by a wonderful man (Felix), and his good management skills make it a pleasant experience for us every time.

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The next time a call came in it was 3:30 a.m. (our time) which is 1:30 p.m. in Uganda. Israel William Pheni had entered the world in the usual way with no complications (7 lbs., 14 oz.) and all was well. It has been delightful to see him on Skype each day and hear his sweet voice. (There's that wonderful technology again!)

Oh, and I achieved another milestone -- I (with the help of my family) managed to turn the "deep, dark dungeon", otherwise know as our spare room, into a beautiful African guest room complete with crib and the very rocker in which Holly was rocked as an infant! They plan to visit in August when Israel is 5-months-old.

Have a great month and thanks for indulging this new grandma!

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