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Mountain View Audiology

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04/01/2010 - By Sherri Roberts

I don't intentionally embarrass my children in public, really. It's just that whenever a song that I know comes over the grocery store speakers, I feel the need to sing along. I'm sure as I'm chortling, "I heard it through the grapevine, not much longer would you be mineÖ," that I'm practically whispering. But my children keep ducking behind store displays and stacks of cans while snickering heads of other customers turn our way. Maybe I need to see Kerri McDill at Mountain View Audiology.

Do your children have this problem too? Do people tell you that you talk too loudly? Do you have trouble understanding others on the phone? Do you avoid favorite activities because you have trouble hearing? Maybe you just have questions about your hearing or communication ability. These are all reasons to make a visit with Kerri McDill.

Kerri, who received her undergraduate degree at CSU in Ft. Collins and her clinical doctorate from Salus University in Pennsylvania, moved to Casper to take her first job. Twenty-two years later, she is the proud owner of Mountain View Audiology where she just celebrated one year of being in business on her own!

When you come to the office, you can expect to be greeted with a warm smile by Nicole Hool, the receptionist and Kerri's "right hand man." Then Kerri will test your hearing and provide consultation about solutions to your hearing challenges. She can also fit you for hearing aids, ear molds, or ear protection if needed. If there is a medical concern, Kerri is a great referral source for physicians, physical therapists, and occupational therapists.

Kerri keeps busy when she's not at the office. She and her husband, Michael, of Holophane Lighting, have three teenage children, Jordan, Nicholas, and Leesa. She will test for her third-degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do along with Jordan this month! Her black belt program requires community service, so you might see Kerri at the Junior Saturday Club which she runs at the Tate Museum for five through seven year-olds. She also makes her own jewelry and sometimes sells it.

Kerri's vision for her business is to "maintain quality care for my patients." She says there are many factors that affect hearing and she desires to educate her clients about these facets as well as helping people hear and communicate better. So if you are having any hearing or communication concerns or if your kids keep turning red when they are with you on your shopping trips, call 266-4100 and make an appointment with Kerri McDill. Her office hours are Monday through Friday from 9-5 and you can find Mountain View Audiology at 301 S. Fenway (across the street from Hospice). Your family will thank you!

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