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Tomcat's Learning

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03/01/2010 - by Sherri Roberts

One Wednesday evening I was driving along, minding my own business, when I stumbled upon a sign that read, "Tomcats Learning-School and Teachers Supplies." This was quite intriguing since we haven't had a place like that in Casper for a long time, so my car immediately turned itself into the lot. I had arrived just after closing time, but the owners, Mark and Trisha Sanchez, welcomed me with smiles and even offered me a bag of free popcorn! I perused the products while their four-year-old daughter, Alexa, chatted with me. The family was so excited about their new business that it was contagious and I found my vehicle taking me to visit again several times during the next few weeks.

At the intersection of one of our community's growing needs and a dream of the Sanchez family lies this new business in Casper. Tomcats Learning just celebrated its grand opening in the Sunrise Shopping Center where they offer a broad range of educational curriculum and supplies on everything from equations to smelly feet.

Yes, smelly feet! In fact, Trisha says they are getting in "tons and tons of science kits," on topics such as chewing gum, gummy bears, and even "disgusting science." There are also materials for teaching math, language arts, social studies, and foreign languages. Tomcats caters to different learning styles too with workbooks, hands on activities, educational games, toys, and musical instruments. Trisha will even come to your classroom and teach a story time lesson with your younger students using some of her engaging children's books.

The Sanchez family had desired to start a business in Casper for a while, but they wanted to make sure it was a store that supplied something the community really needed. Mark came from a family of educators who stressed the need for a school supply store in Casper. They told him, in fact, that many teachers were traveling to other towns just to find items they needed in the classroom. Others were buying online, but were disappointed when the items they received were not exactly what they thought they had ordered. The Sanchez family decided to try to make it easier for educators by offering products closer to home at reasonable prices. But why the name "Tomcats?" Trisha told me this is actually a clever acronym that stands for Trisha, October (the month in which they were married), Mark, Codi (their twelve-year old daughter), Alexa, Tyler (their ten-year-old son), and Sanchez.

Every time I return to Tomcats, I find something new! Maybe that's because there is a suggestion box at the front counter and they take the recommendations seriously. They have expanded their product line so that they now have materials for preschool through grade 12. They also offer project supplies, teaching charts, dictionaries, calculators, and almost anything anyone would need for learning or teaching anything.

Wonder if this store is for you? If you are a teacher, a student, a parent, or someone who knows a child, give Tomcats a call at 234-6163. Better yet, stop by and have some free popcorn at 3980 S. Poplar in the Sunrise Shopping Center. Tomcats is open Monday through Friday from 9:00-5:30 and Saturday from 9:00-1:00. You may just find your own vehicle returning again and again.

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