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Spring Planting

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03/01/2010 - Although the weather outside lately might make it seem like spring may never come, if you were to take a walk in our growing greenhouses you would see that it is right around the corner. At least I hope it is or else one of these greenhouses is going to burst. Now all seven of the greenhouses are running and most are nearly full. It amazes me how fast the time goes by. If it is true what people say, and the years do go by faster and faster the older you get, than soon I will go to bed on Christmas night, and when I wake up it will be the Fourth of July.

All kidding aside, March is a great time to finalize your plans for this year's garden or landscape projects. Whether your plan is to grow your first garden or flowerbed, or if you are a seasoned gardener and you just want to challenge yourself with something new, a little planning will go a long way. It is not only important to think about what you are going to plant and what your goals are, but also to plan out the details, like when, where and how to plant it.

Planning out the crops is the most important thing that we do at the greenhouse. For example, lets say your goal is to grow some trophy size ears of sweet corn, and take them to the farmers market. (In my dream it's trophy peppers not corn.) The first thing that you want to do is read the seed pack and see how long it takes to produce a typical crop of that variety. Then add about a week and a half to allow for our cool early summer nights. This will tell you when to plant them.

Or maybe you would like to plant a Japanese Maple in your front yard. First go out and look at the spot you are considering and see if the conditions look right for the variety you are thinking of planting. This will save you a lot of money and heartache if the spot is not right for that type of tree.

Maybe your goal is to produce the best cut roses ever this year in your flowerbed. Decide what fertilizer and watering program you will follow now, because you are more likely to stick to it if you have a plan rather than just a box of fertilizer sitting on the shelf.

As for myself this year I am planning to plant another crop of ponderosa pine at my house If I can keep planting them at the rate I have been, soon my house will be surrounded by a forest but I am afraid that sooner or later my wife is going to insist that I try planting something different, like maybe a little grass. Ever since we moved out of town she has been missing her old job of cutting the grass. I don't know why she likes it so well, but I am glad she does. The only drawback to her love of cutting the grass is that she is murder on a lawnmower. The mower salesmen know us by name. Good luck, I hope the growing season gets off to a good start for you!

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