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The Jameson Family

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03/01/2010 - By Gabriel Mizell

"Today I met the girl I am going to marry!" were the words Jack Jameson wrote in his journal the day he met Kim. Twenty-two years and five children later they are still living their "happily ever after".

Kim, an energetic kickboxing instructor, was born and raised in Casper (one of our own!). Having majored in Elementary Education at Utah State University, she has been blessed to homeschool all five of her children, thus putting her education to good use.

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Jack was born in Dallas, Texas, and lived there fifteen years before moving to Louisiana. He met Kim while serving a two-year mission in Wyoming and Montana. After his mission he pursued his lady fair. Before long they were in love. When he proposed to her, Kim had one condition: that he move back to Wyoming. Kim comes from a large family, most of whom still live in Casper. "Family gatherings are large, loud and fun," Kim says. Jack now works for Farmer's Insurance Group. He enjoys traveling and doing motivational speeches for fellow insurance agents.

All five of their children were born in the same hospital as their mother. Mark, their firstborn, is twenty, a sports fan, a Black belt in Tae kwan do, and an instructor at the Casper Martial Arts Academy where he has been studying Tae kwan do since he was nine. He and his wife, Dalene, keep busy taking care of their firstborn son, Demetries. "He is our pride and joy," says Grandma Kim.

Megan is eighteen and works for Western Medical Associates. This June, she will become Mrs. Christopher Walsh. The two enjoy hiking, biking and horseback riding together.

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Marcie is soon to turn sixteen and is excited about her first trip to Europe with her parents. They will be visiting Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

Mason (12) is soon to earn his Black belt in Tae kwan do at The Casper Martial Arts Academy. His newest hobby is making home movies.

Madison, "our baby", is eight years old. She takes ballet, tap and drama, and is constantly dancing. "She is truly our drama queen," says Kim.

Kim shares a bit more: "As a family we love traveling. Our favorite vacation spot is Disney World. We are blessed to have each other. We have our main meal at lunch time -- all together -- before we start running to activities. Our home is the central focus of our lives, and we believe in strong famiy ties. That is why we chose Casper to rear our children because it's a great community for a family."

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