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02/01/2010 - I hope that you all had a great holiday season, and that you are sticking to any new years resolutions that you made. As for me I quit making any big new years resolutions a while back. I found that I never made it much past the fifth of January. Besides that, a guy needing as much work as I do had better not wait until the end of the year to change his habits anyway.

For a lot of people the New Year signifies the cleaning of the slate, and a chance at fresh start. Nowhere is that more true than at our growing greenhouses. Although we are a year round operation, the bulk of our production for the spring does not begin until January. This also means that all but two of our greenhouses are now empty. This gives us the chance to work a little less and to spend a little more time at home. But the calm around here is short lived; I can see the clouds on the horizon that signal the whirlwind season ahead. Much like a flash flood the season starts with a trickle of seeds to be planted, lucky to reach five hundred per week. But soon there will be thousands of them to be planted each week, along with the torrent of other duties the young plants require. By the middle of this month all of the houses will be re-opened, and well on their way to being refilled.

With Valentines Day close at hand one particular crop we plant comes to mind, the roses. Just like the cut roses available for Valentines Day, the potted roses that we grow are available in an endless array of colors. But since we cannot grow an endless amount of them, we only get to grow certain colors each year. One of the most common requests that I get in the spring is for potted roses in colors matching the roses people have gotten for Valentines Day. So if you are a rose gardener, take a stroll around some of the stores now, and you might get some color ideas for in the spring. Or if you like, there are some very nice sites you can visit to window shop rose colors. Three that come to mind are: Weeks roses, Jackson @ Perkins, and Star roses. All three breeders have nice displays set up online. Although it is not the same as seeing them in person, it might be a good way to pass one of the cold, snowy afternoons that I am sure we still have in store for us before the gardening season begins.

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