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Business Spotlight

Hood's Equipment and Sprinkler, LLC

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02/01/2010 - When most people in Casper hear the name Hood, they think of Hood's Landscaping. The family-owned landscaping business operated in Casper for 43 years. After their parents passed away, Neil Hood and his brother owned the business 50/50. Sadly, Neil lost his brother and business partner and had to sell out. The industry had been good to him, however, so Neil decided to start a new business. Hood's Equipment and Sprinkler is beginning its fifth year.

The new company, owned by Neil and his wife Elaine, specializes in lawn and garden equipment, including the LCE line for commercial contractors. They also carry the Ferti-lome line of fertilizers and chemicals, Baccto professional potting mix, and sprinkler materials. Neil and his crew will design and install sprinkler systems or sell the materials to the do-it-yourself crowd. Need some help designing your sprinkler system? Neil will design a system for you for $250. If you purchase the supplies for your project from Hood's Equipment and Sprinkler, you get the design fee back.

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Depending on your seasonal needs, you can also purchase snow removal equipment or sod. The sod is available for pick up or delivery. Hood's also has a big parts department and repair shop. "If we don't have the part you need," Neil said, "we can get about any part for any brand."

When you're working out in the yard this spring and come across an issue you're not sure how to handle, stop by the store at 3025 East 2nd Street and talk to Marcy or Neil. They will help you determine what chemical you need to solve the problem. If they don't know the answer, they will do what they can to research it and give you a solution.

"We've been around a long time," Neil said. "We try to be honest and friendly with everybody."

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