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Cool Kids

Peyton and Corin Carruth

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12/01/2009 - Peyton and Corin are the daughters of Brent and Chris Carruth. Both girls spend their weekdays at Pineview Elementary School where their mom is the principal. Four-year-old Peyton is in preschool, and Corin, seven, is in second grade. Both girls like school and enjoy helping in their classrooms. Peyton likes being the flag holder and leading her class in saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Corin likes to help her teacher, Mrs. Vaughn, sort books and papers. She also enjoys helping her friends at school and helping kids in class spell words and do math.

Both girls enjoy helping outside of school too. Peyton loves to help take care of baby Maddie, her day care provider's daughter. Six-month-old Maddie has Down's Syndrome and Peyton givers her extra special attention. Peyton helps feed her and do physical therapy. She spends a lot of time holding and playing with Maddie. "I really love her," Peyton said. "I let her lay on my belly. I helped her color, but she just scribbled."

Corin said she likes to help her grandma clean her house and she helps others by getting involved in projects such as the Two Tons of Love campaign. Pineview Elementary has partnered with Kelly Walsh High School to collect two tons of non-perishable food items. They are also collecting pet food for donation to the Humane Society.

A new love for the girls is barrel racing and caring for their horses. The family has four horses, Mouse, Poco, Rojo and Skipper. "One's a paintball," Peyton said. She said her favorite thing in the whole wide world is riding horses. Her horse is Rojo, which is appropriate since her favorite color is red and rojo is the Spanish word for that color. Corin's horse is Mouse, although that is not the horses' registered name. When Corin was little, she couldn't say Dos Mas; her attempts sounded more like "mouse" and the name stuck.

Corin said she likes to ride horses and really likes animals. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up, her eyes lit up and she sat up straight in her chair, "A vet!"

Something else that makes the girls' eyes light up is the subject of Christmas. "I like Christmas 'cuz I get to play in snow and I get a lot of toys," Corin said. Her favorite tradition is going to Saratoga to cut down the family Christmas tree. "I like to go to Saratoga and get my tree with my cousins and my grandma and my whole family."

Peyton enjoys leaving food for Santa and his reindeer. They leave cookies and jelly beans for Santa and oatmeal for the reindeer. Like her sister, Peyton loves going to Saratoga "hunting for trees."

"Do you cut the tree down?" I asked.

"No. Daddy does it."

The girls look forward to finding what's in their Christmas stockings. "I'm hoping to find a Santa toy in my stocking," Peyton said.

"I'm hoping to find little toys like stuffed animals," said Corin.

Santa, are you reading this?

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