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The Robert and Theresa Schulz Family

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11/01/2009 - After moving around quite a bit, the Robert and Theresa Schulz family moved to Casper in 1986. "Robert said, 'I think it's time to settle down and buy a house.' So we stayed," Theresa said. "We love it." The family agrees they like Casper because it has a small-town atmosphere with lots of opportunities. Opportunities that the family takes full advantage of.

Robert is a PACS Administrator, which means he works with picture archiving communications systems. "All x-rays in town go to us. We keep track of where your images go," Robert said. He finds it interesting to see how radiology has changed from film to electronics. At home he likes to play around with electronics, controlling the lights and doorbell through the computer. "Being outnumbered, I have to have fun and entertainment." Robert stands his ground as the only remaining man in the house. He also teaches religious education at Our Lady of Fatima where the family actively attends services. He recently began training to be a CASA volunteer, has spearheaded a number of serious home renovation projects and coached his kids' hockey teams.

Until this year, Theresa has managed hockey teams while Robert coached and the kids played. She also homeschools the kids and attends Casper College, pursuing a degree in elementary education. She already has a lot of practical experience in the field teaching their six children: Curtis (21), Matthew (18), Katherine (15), Natalie (12), Andrea (10) and Maria (8). Each child is homeschooled through ninth grade, and then they attend high school at Kelly Walsh. Currently, Curtis is at Casper College, Matthew is playing hockey in Cody and taking online classes from CC, and Katherine is in 10th grade at KW and taking classes at Casper College through the BOCES program.

"Half the family is at Casper College," Robert said with a laugh.

Curtis took full advantage of the BOCES program, taking enough classes at Casper College that he graduated from CC two weeks before his high school graduation. "He's our computer nerd," Robert said.

Matthew is the mechanic in the family. So far, he has rebuilt and sold five cars. "He's the only person I know who makes money on cars he hauls in," Robert said.

Katherine is the ballerina, taking and teaching dance classes at Beautiful Feet. She is also the cook and baker in the house.

Natalie is a competitive gymnast. The seventh-grader competes with her team through K-Larks. She's also getting an education in home remodeling. "She knows the names of all the tools," Robert said. "She's helping with the remodeling," Theresa added.

Andrea lives out her passion on the ice as an ice skater. "She runs the show," Robert said. She was quick to take herself out of that leadership role, however, when Robert said he needs to teach someone to run the computer system. "Not me!" The sixth-grader shouted with enthusiasm.

Maria, the baby of the family, likes to ride horses and help mom deliver newspapers. She is in the third grade and likes to take hip hop classes at Beautiful Feet.

"It's fun to watch them pick where they want to be," Theresa said. "We've been lucky they've all found what they like."

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