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Marriage and Family

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10/01/2009 - I am going to take a quick detour this month from the topic of building healthy relationships with your children to talk about something that has been on my heart. That is the importance for us to simply enjoy the life we have been given. I don't mean for us to go out and "live it up", do something we regret and then have to pay heavy consequences, but rather, to step back, find the things that you feel are valuable about you, and then enjoy your life as you allow those positive traits to manifest themselves.

According to the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, suicide is the ninth ranking cause of death statewide. The years 1999-2005 averaged 94 residents per year dying of suicide. The rate is 20 for every 100,000 people. This is about 1.8 suicides per week. Those numbers are just the completed suicides. The numbers are higher for attempts and kids 15-19 years old account for about 18% of hospitalized attempts.

I apologize for the depressing statistics but we have each been given one life here on earth. That is all we get. So that life is beyond the value of anything else we have. I also believe that you are who you are on purpose. That means you are not an accident or that some grand, cosmic error has stuck you here. Enjoying life means you are able to find your value in the fact that you are who you are.

I can hear the arguments already. "Yeah, but you don't know the many ways I have messed up." "How am I supposed to love who I am when someone in my own family couldn't even do that?" "I don't deserve to enjoy life, not with my past." We, as a people, have a tendency to judge our value based on things like success, other's opinions of us, achievements or the number of friends/acquaintances we have. If any of this even remotely resembles your thoughts or feelings, I am speaking directly to you.

You are not a sum of your mistakes. You have incredible worth and value which is determined by no person. Often the trick is to uncover these jewels of truth from under the oppressing weight of what some people and past circumstances say. Don't allow yourself or anyone else to smother what you have to offer to this world. If you or someone you know battles with suicidal thoughts, please take this seriously. Feel free to contact The Healing Place or any other counselor or counseling agency. You can also contact the national suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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