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Cool Kid

Isaac Lockwood

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10/01/2009 - Most of the 4-H kids I know add their pig money to a college fund or use it to purchase pigs the following year. But last year, 10-year-old Isaac Lockwood designated his pig money for a round-trip plane ticket to China. When Isaac was four or five years old, he went Christmas shopping with his grandmother. After seeing her drop money into the Salvation Army kettles, he asked why she would do such a thing. She explained that there are children in this world who do not have enough food to eat or clothes to keep them warm. Some don't even have moms and dads. Isaac went home and asked his parents, Brian and Megan, why they couldn't go and get some of those kids and give them a home.

"I begged them for four or five years to adopt," Isaac said.

"Talk about convicting," Megan said. "How do you explain to a child who keeps asking why you can't give a home to a child that needs one?"

When the Lockwoods began seriously considering adoption, they talked about adopting a child from Haiti since that is where their World Hunger sponsor child is from. Isaac said, no, they needed to choose a child from China.

Why China? "I watched a lot of Chinese movies and really liked them," Isaac explained. "And I felt bad for children in China. They're getting sick from lead poisoning and other things. So I did pigs and was very successful. I earned enough money to get a plane ticket to China."

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Isaac's grandfather was moved by his passion and drive. He told Isaac that if he was willing to earn the money for a plane ticket to bring a new sibling home, then he would pay for a ticket for Isaac to go to China with his parents. The three of them left on Christmas day last year, leaving Isaac's little sisters, Faith and Hannah, to hold down the fort at home. Isaac and his parents spent two weeks in China.

"It was pretty cool," Isaac said. "Some of the food was pretty disturbing, though. They had monkey and swan and steamed fish that still had the scales and eyes."

Isaac said they did a lot of shopping, went to the aquarium and went to his new little brother's orphanage to see "his old buddies," and took lots of pictures.

"He took some incredible photos in China," Megan said about Isaac.

"I was kind of shocked," Isaac said about what he thought of China. "I realized how lucky I am where I live."

Isaac is happy to finally have his little brother, Joseph, or "Joe Joe" as they call him. And he's happy to help with his special needs. Joe Joe, who will be two in February, is being treated for a club foot and a spinal defect.

"Isaac goes on trips to the doctor and helps at home. He has been very understanding and mature," Megan said.

In addition to being an adoption advocate, Isaac attends fourth grade at Fort Casper Academy. He likes to hunt and fish, play with his three ferrets, play video games and the drums, and snowboard. And… he isn't through advocating yet…

"Kids get kicked out of orphanages in China at 14 and have to live on their own. I think we should get one of them," Isaac said. "It would be okay to not be the oldest anymore."

NOTE: The Lockwood and Warner families both mentioned that November is Adoption Awareness month. If you are interested in adoption, either family is willing to share their experiences. For a project closer to home, check out www.project127.com. If at least six churches are interested in learning how to support their members through adoption, this Colorado-based organization has agreed to come to town and do a training to equip the church in supporting families who wish to adopt. There are currently three churches who have expressed an interest.

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