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Business Spotlight

Hilltop National Bank

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10/01/2009 - Hilltop National Bank has been serving Casper residents since 1964. The first financial institution to serve the growing east end of Casper, Hilltop opened in a shopping center with less than a dozen employees. Today, Hilltop National Bank serves more than 35,000 customers from across the United States with six locations in Casper and Glenrock and more than 160 employees.

"Hilltop National Bank is the largest national bank headquartered in Wyoming and has more locations in Casper than any other institution," said Hilltop National Bank Vice President Gary Trapkus.

Trapkus attributes the success of Hilltop to the True family's sense of serving the community and the bank's sincere and unwavering dedication to customer service. The H.A. True, Jr. family of Casper purchased the bank in May 1977. The True's are well-known and respected business people in both Casper and Wyoming, holding interests in oil production, exploration, pipelines, ranching and trucking.

"A lot of Hilltop National Bank's success derives from the True family's sense of serving the community and giving back," Trapkus said. "It stems from the True's sincere interest to be involved in the bank and the community."

The ownership and management of the bank is Casper and Wyoming managed with the board of directors drawing from successful business persons in the Casper area, as well as members of the True family. The bank offers a full complement of commercial banking services, including in-house data processing and free mobile banking. At the end of August 2009, the bank held assets right at $483,899,000.00. As of mid-September, the trust side of the bank's assets were around $617 million.

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"Our customers are so impressed with the customer service that they continue to bank with us," Trapkus said. "We really take customer service very personally and go to extraordinary lengths to make sure customers have the right financial solutions for their personal needs."

This stance has served Hilltop well. In a time when the national news is reporting financial crisis across the country, Hilltop National Bank holds no sub-prime loans and does not have a single past-due home mortgage. "This comes from trying to do what's best for the customer and not backing them into a corner," Trapkus said.

Hilltop has one of the most experienced lending staffs in the community and they work with customers to customize the best financial solution for each individual. Sometimes doing what's best for the customers requires doing the hard thing. Trapkus likened it to parents not giving their children everything they want. "Sometimes the best thing for the child is to say no to that Christmas cookie," Trapkus explained. And sometimes the best thing for the customer is to say no to a loan that will not be in their best interest.

"We put forth a sincere, concerted and persistent effort to put the customer at the center of the financial universe," Trapkus said. "We're just damn wonderful," he concluded with a grin.

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