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Hershberger's Spas

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09/01/2009 - A long day sitting at the computer. Seventeen hours on an international flight. Hard day's work in the yard. Life throws plenty of kinks our way every day. Perry and Linda at Hershberger's at 5805 CY Avenue have a number of solutions to help you work out the kinks and keep on enjoying your active life.

The physical and mental demands of our jobs can leave us stressed and aching. A good soak in a hot tub or a steam in a sauna can ease these stresses and leave us relaxed and ready for a good night's sleep. Whether you already have a spa or pool and simply need filters, chemicals or maintenance, or if you're in the market for a new or used system, Hershberger's can fulfill your needs. Hershberger's is the longest running hot tub store in Casper. Perry began running the business out of his home 25 years ago, and has been at the current location since 1992. They feature Hot Spring and MAAX spas, Finneleo Saunas and Doughboy Pools. In addition, they service all other manufacturers' products. If you already have a hot tub and are looking to upgrade, Perry and Linda take trade-ins. Before selling a used hot tub, Perry and his team put the system through rigorous testing, making necessary repairs and trying to force problems. Perry's background as a master machinist gives him an advantage to fix just about anything.

"If I can't force a problem in two weeks," Perry said, "I'm confident it won't have any problems." To back up this confidence, Hershberger's offers a warranty with all used tubs.

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When I spoke with Linda, I was surprised to learn the therapeutic benefits of saunas. In addition to relieving tension and stress, saunas can build the heart muscle by improving blood circulation, increase metabolism, burn 400 calories in ½ hour, release endorphins, detoxify the body, and kill bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. Hershberger's has a variety of sauna's available for your home or business.

Another way to reduce back pain and work out the kinks is to use a Teeter Inversion Table, available at Hershberger's. Linda shared her story of needing twice weekly traction treatments from a chiropractor. She has eliminated these trips to the doctor by using the Teeter. "Gravity alone benefits the back," she explained. Perry has also experienced therapeutic benefits from the Teeter. After trying it for only 2 ½ minutes, he felt relief from chronic pain and migraine headaches from RSD, a condition resulting from two car accidents. After the first use, Perry was able to sleep well for the first time in two years. Use of the Teeter can re-hydrate discs, reduce nerve pressure, realign the spine, and relax tense muscles.

While you're hanging upside down on an inversion table or soaking in a hot tub, a little aroma therapy is always good. To provide you with this therapeutic benefit, Linda is a Scentsy Independent Consultant. You can order online anytime at www.scentsy.com/6894 or stop in the store to talk to Linda.

So what about that hard day's work in the yard? After relaxing in a hot tub or spa, you can call Hershberger's to save you from having to work that hard again. They install, maintain and repair sprinkler systems, install sod, and landscape around your new Doughboy Pool. They also provide mowing and trimming, fertilization and aeration, as well as insect and weed control for your lawn! "We do so much I don't even know what all we do," Perry joked.

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Hershberger's is open Monday – Friday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM and Saturdays 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM. They encourage people to sit in the hot tubs before purchase to get the best, comfortable fit for their bodies. They also provide after-hours wet tests for adults by appointment only. "They can feel the warm water therapy and experience how the jets massage their bodies," Linda said. The Hershbergers are committed to helping their customers discover the therapeutic benefits of the products they sell and service. To learn more about their products and services, visit their website at www.hershbergerspas.com or stop by the showroom.

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