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The Gary and Angel Anderson Family

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08/01/2009 - Kerissa Anderson turns seven years-old this month. At this tender age, she is already learning about generosity, self-sacrifice, and compassion for others. And she's learning how to put all of it into action. For instance, the day before she and her family had their picture taken for our cover, Kerissa had her waist-length, brunette tresses cut off and donated to Locks of Love, a charity that provides wigs for chemotherapy patients.

Kerissa and her brother Bridger (4) are blessed to have parents who are bringing them up to love and celebrate life while being aware that people around them might need help.

Kerissa and Bridger's parents are Angel and Gary Anderson. Married nine years ago, Angel and Gary planned their wedding so that their friends and family could enjoy a reunion and mini-vacation together. How? They arranged to have everyone assemble at a lavish hotel in Las Vegas for the ceremony and then to stay a few more days and "have a big party".

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Gary and Angel met through mutual friends after attending Casper College. Now Gary works for Halliburton as part of a "frack" group whose job is to extract remaining bits of oil from existing wells.

Using her love for young children and her degree in early childhood education, Angel taught preschool at Casper College in the Family Research Center. For nine years after that, she worked for the State of Wyoming. As much as she enjoyed this job, it required her to travel quite a bit and she did not like being away from her family so much. So she made a decision that would keep her home with them more. A whole lot more. She opened a child-care center in their home.

Kerissa takes ballet classes and Bridger takes tumbling. Kerissa has studied for three years now and she's "very serious about her dance". She must be good at it, too, because her teacher invited her to be a part of the school's dance company. The dance company participates in special dance competitions where their teacher's goal is to build her pupils' self-worth by recognizing what they've achieved and by recognizing what others have achieved.

Bridger likes his tumbling class. However, last year he started T-ball and he really likes this, too. It may even become his new favorite pass time. (Ah-h, to be four again and to face such delightful quandaries.)

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As a family, the Anderson's enjoy camping in their motor home and fishing from their motor boat. Especially at Glendo Reservoir which is close to where Gary grew up. They also enjoy participating in their children's school activities. Angel maintains friendships with many of the friends she had in high school and she hosts a Bunco group in their home every couple of weeks.

Fun family. Generous family. Busy family. What a treasure for us to have them living in Our Home Town.

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