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Celebrate Cats During June

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06/01/2009 - Cats are celebrated in many cultures. Ancient Egyptians, for example, revered the furry feline, and considered the cat not just a pet, but also a sacred animal; many were even mummified. Americans also enjoys cats. Approximately 88 million cats are household pets in the United States, according to a pet owners survey conducted in 2008 (source: Humane Society of the United States). June is National Adopt-A-Cat Month, as recognized by American Humane (a national animal and child welfare organization) and pet welfare organizations across the United States. The purposed of this special cat recognition month is to encourage people to adopt cats and kittens during a time shelter workers call "kitten season".

Cats make wonderful companions for many reasons.

1. Cats often like to sit in their special person's lap yet they also like their times of being alone. They don't require has much "togetherness" as dogs because cats are not pack animals like dogs (think cougar vs. wolf).

2. Cats are small, and therefore, can more easily live in smaller homes with their humans. Give a cat a sunny windowsill, a scratching post or cat tree, a loving human, and a few toys (like cat-nip mice and squnchy balls), and that kitty will be quite content! No large backyard required.

3. Cats don't need to be walked every day or have tennis balls thrown for them constantly in order to be exercised and entertained.

4. Owners receive a great deal of relaxation stroking and brushing their cat. And, who these days doesn't need stress relief?!

Like dogs, cats require consistent, devoted care but so do our children. Providing food, water, shelter, and vet care adds to an owner's expenses, however, compared to owning a Rottweiler, cat care is inexpensive. Provide your cat with the TLC it needs, and you will have a friend for life!

Although cats are generally loners, they can enjoy the company of other cats and even dogs. Those raised with other animals acclimate more easily than those raised only with people. Therefore, before adding a new cat to your household, research the proper ways of introducing the new cat into the family dynamic; doing this step correctly will be much easier on all involved.

Cats can live very long lives into their late teens and early 20's. Therefore, before bringing a cat into your household, be sure you understand the commitment the cat wants and needs. Losing a special human companion can be traumatic on a pet, including cats. Please don't think of pets, any pet, as "disposable". Animal shelters across the country, including our local and regional facilities, are inundated with homeless pets. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

If you're thinking about adding a new feline friend to your household, June is a great time to do so. Please consider giving a special cat a home during National Adopt-A-Cat Month.

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