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Cool Kid

Hannah Hettinger

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06/01/2009 - Eleven-year-old Hannah Hettinger understands the value of family. The oldest daughter of Michela and Andrew Hettinger and big sister of nine-year-old Katie, says family is the most important thing in the world.

"Family will help you through everything in life," Hannah said. "Even if you move away, you still have your family."

The second most important thing to Hannah is her friends. "Friends are important to have," she said. Hannah pointed out, however, that when life changes, friends change, but family is the one constant in our lives.

Hannah has moved a couple of times and had to make new friends. But she is a sweet girl who makes friends quickly. She and her family moved to Casper last year from Alaska. She is in the sixth grade at Casper Classical Academy and said she likes all the friends she has made and playing her flute. Hannah is also in the drama club at CCA.

"I was in a lot of plays at my old school," Hannah said, "I want to be an actress."

Her desire to perform is evident when she gets together with her friends after school and on weekends. She likes to practice different accents, dress up and put on skits. She is also the creator and star of her own cell phone video production of Mr. Toe or shall I say her she is the creator and her big toe is the star? She drew a smiley face on her big toe, then had a friend zoom in on the toe with a cell phone camera and record Mr. Toe's standup comedy routine.

Hannah enjoys laughing and making others laugh too. She said, "I like dressing up in toga's because it's really fun. The plays I've been in are all funny. I like that."

Hannah has lived in Louisiana (where she was born), Alaska and Wyoming. She said she likes the warmth of Casper after having lived in Alaska, but she still likes Alaska better. "I lived there for six years," she said, "I made really good friends and I lived in a ski town. I love to ski."

Hannah also likes to ride her bike and hang out with her friends. She likes going to the Rec Center, especially the Aquatics Center, and interacting with her friends new and old- on Facebook.

Hannah describes herself as funny and hyper, nice to people and really friendly. Her friends would have to agree. In fact, they say she is cool another one of Casper's Cool Kids.

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