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Your Wyoming Garded in June

06/01/2009 - June is a busy time in the garden in Wyoming, there are flowers to be planted, weeds to be pulled, and trees and shrubs to be pruned. With the short growing season here it really is a race against time, not just for us but also for the plants.

If you are thinking about making changes to your yard such as adding a new tree, shrub, or other perennial, now is a very good time to get them in the ground. Planting them now will increase their chances of surviving their first winter. They need all the time they can get to spread out as many roots as possible, so that they will be able to take advantage of the small amount of moisture that is available to them during the winter.

Also, when you plant them it is a good idea to dig holes larger than the pots in which they are planted, and blend the soil you remove with about 50% peat moss or other composted organic material. The soils in Casper are pretty young and thin, so any organics you add can only help the plant to get off to a good start. This is especially important if you live in a newer home. When a home is built all the topsoil is usually lost, this makes it even harder for a plant to get off to a good start.

If a plant or tree can get through the first couple of seasons its chance of surviving increases greatly. New transplants only have roots as large as the container in which they came for the first year, so it is important to make sure they are well watered. If you are planting annuals from a pack this is very important; those cells in which the roots are contained can only hold about 1-2 days worth of water. By prepping your plants well for their new home, and keeping a good eye on them you are sure to have success with all your plants this season.

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