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If These Walls Could Talk

Finding Your Personal Home Decorating Style Part 1: A Favorite Season

06/01/2009 - Muriel Street has always loved autumn. The brilliantly colored foliage, and crisp cool weather inspire her intellectually and energize her physically. Yet like many of us, when it came to choosing interior paint colors for her home, Muriel usually stuck to white or soft pastels. She's been afraid of visually reducing her interior space and light by using anything darker or more vibrant.

Recently, Muriel took a bold step and used rich autumn hues to completely change the atmosphere of her home office. She was inspired by fabric in soft gold curtains embroidered with a sprinkling of autumn leaves. The room's carpet, furniture, paint colors and accessories were all chosen to co-ordinate with that fabric.

The wall color chosen was the biggest departure from her usual norm. It is a deep coppery tone that both emotionally warms the space, and forms a perfect backdrop for her furnishings. A light colored ceiling, floor, and trim add plenty of light-reflecting surfaces. There has been no sense of lost space from using the darker wall color.

When it came to adding finishing touches such as artwork and accessories to her office, Muriel didn't need to buy anything new. She had unconsciously indulged her love of autumn through the years by collecting these smaller objects. Many of her favorite things found a perfect setting in the renewed space.

Muriel has not been at all disappointed in her room's new decorating scheme. She has found that the room continues to encourage the same positive feelings in her that the actual season of autumn does.

Finding inspiration for developing one's personal decorating style can indeed be as simple as embracing one's favorite season. The tentative, delicate hues of spring, luxurious, abundant colors of summer, and strong, sparkling contrasts of winter, each have their own unique appeal.

Is there a time of year when you are at your best? What positive emotions and memories does that season evoke? What mood does it encourage? Is there a room in your house that you wish held that favorite season's influence?

Perhaps you long for languid peace or gentle reflection. Maybe it's exuberance and energy. By incorporating the colors, light quality, and other influences of your favorite season into the room you are decorating, you will begin to feel that season's atmosphere.

Often, like Muriel, you will find that you already own many things that are reminiscent of your favorite season. She used a beautiful fabric to inspire color choices for her office decor. Anything you have that is evocative of your favorite season. can serve in this same way.

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