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The Nick and Amber Mesecher Family

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06/01/2009 - When Nick and Amber Mesecher decide to do something, they do it. Immediately. For instance---

1) Two days after they got married, they left Casper and moved to Nashville to be closer to Nick's brother.

2) A year later, less than a week after their first baby was born, they moved back home to be near family. Especially to be close to their kids' grandparents.

3) Last fall, after absorbing Dave Ramsey's financial advice on the radio, they decided to get on a family financial plan. Part of that plan included finding ways to generate more income. So Amber took on two newspaper routes.

4) Early this year, they saw a need to help Casper recycle, so they started a business called Casper Goes Green where, on the first Saturday of every month, they pick up their clients' recyclables, even plastic, and "taxi" them to the appropriate disposal sites. In April, they had only a couple of clients. In May, they had 27. Now they have 40.

And, through all these adventures, they had three more babies. About Amber's mothering style, Nick tells me, "She does a wonderful job." While building their family, Nick also built his career as the IT wizard for Reliant Federal Credit Union.

I have the pleasure of sitting in the home of this lively couple and their four lively children. Our conversation is lively, too, as Nick and Amber easily shift back and forth from one topic to another, while interacting with and taking care of their children.

Cheerful and smiling, adventure-lover Owen, 18-months old, is rescued from the bathroom where he accidentally locked himself in. I get the idea he loves locks. A lot.

Princess-loving Anna, age 3, waves her magic wand and turns some of us into such things as… well, whatever her whims dictate. She also loves taking pictures of all of us on her mom's cell phone. Unfortunately, according to Mom, her aunt showed her how to save them.

Polite and kind-hearted Ethan, age 8, has a short spat with Anna who tore his first, only, and favorite wall poster. He announces that he'll never share anything with her again. Not even his food. When he hears how funny that sounds, he breaks into a reluctant smile.

Shy and caring Isaac, age 6, is happy to jump in-and-out-of the action, depending on how clear the coast is. His most un-favorite thing to do in the entire world is to talk to me. (That's okay. I won't take it personally. But I might need some massive counseling.)

Both Nick and Amber were active in the performing arts in high school and it seems their kids have inherited that love. Ethan is rehearsing the role of Michael in this summer's Casper College musical "Peter Pan." Isaac played the lead, Daddy Duck, in his kindergarten play. Anna loves to dress up in her princess costumes--Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle--and changes them several times a day. As for Owen, given his penchant for figuring out how locks work, he might like figuring out to work the backstage gadgets. He might even invent a few.

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