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Spring Gardening in Wyoming

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05/01/2009 - I can't believe that it's already the middle of May, and it is almost time to start planting outside. This has been one of the wildest springs I can remember, sunny one day, and snowing the next. Although the rain and snow has made growing things a little harder, it has also made things a lot greener around here. The foothills of the mountain look like they belong in the Irish isles, rather than in the middle of Wyoming.

In your yard it will likely mean that your grass, and established trees and shrubs will not require much water this month. I say established trees and shrubs, because any plants planted this spring or last fall lack the root system to take advantage of the extra precipitation, and will need to be checked weekly to make sure they have enough water. You can do this by feeling the ground at the plants base with your finger. If it is dry more than one inch down, they need a good watering. In addition to checking the soil also make sure to be aware of any changes to the new plants appearance such as wilting or discolored leaves.

For most flowers the chance of frost is still too high to plant them in their beds yet, but some plants such as pansies, primrose, and many perennials are well suited to handle a moderate frost. Geraniums, petunias and marigolds do not handle the frost well so it might be wise to wait until after Memorial Day to plant them.

Now is the time to plant many seed crops directly into the vegetable garden. By the time they germinate the threat of frost should be low. Getting your seeds planted now will make it much more likely that you will harvest a good crop before the frost comes in the fall. If you have not planted a garden before, this might be a good year to try it out. Gardens can help save money on produce, and will give you a chance to experience the taste of vegetables picked at their peak, rather than ones that had to be picked early to be shipped long distances.

Gardening, no matter what you grow is a relaxing, and rewarding pastime. It can also be challenging, but it is well worth it when you harvest later on. I myself am trying a new crop this year. In addition to a little garden, and the things I grow at the greenhouse, I am going to try to produce a hay crop on a few acres at my home. This hay crop is very exciting for me because I have never tried anything like it before. If it is like most things there are sure to be a few bumps in the road. But with the help of some seasoned haying veterans, hopefully I wont ruin the crop. If you have any questions about a new crop you are trying, or gardening questions in general feel free to contact me at the greenhouse, I would be glad to help any way I can.

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