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05/01/2009 - Are you someone who loves to squeeze every nano-second of fun into our wonderful, but dang-it too-short, summers? And do you have dwelling within you, side-by-side with that summer fun fanatic, a persnickety, not-even-one-tiny-weed-allowed lawn aficionado? How do you reconcile your two diametrically opposed selves?

Easy. You hire TruGreen.

While you're having fun, TruGreen's lawn experts are controlling weeds and applying fertilizer on your lawn on a March through October regular schedule.

Casper's TruGreen franchise was opened by Kevin Eberle in 1995. TruGreen is the largest lawn-care company in the world. What's nice about that is you have access to world-wide knowledge, but your individual lawn is under the care of a local company.

In its first year, Casper's TruGreen won Best New Franchise of the Year. In its second year, it won Most Improved Franchise of the Year. In its third year, it won Franchise of the Year for North America, which includes the U.S. and Canada.

So how does Kevin account for this success?

"I treat each person's lawn like it's my own. For instance, we don't just spray the weeds on people's lawns, we also spray weeds that are coming up in their driveways and sidewalks. And if there are some weeds behind a shed that you can't even see, we spray those, too, because we'd do that at our own homes. And if a person should have some concerns between scheduled visits, say some weeds come back, we'll come out and take care of it at no charge. Or maybe someone sees a brown spot in their lawn. We'll come out to see what's causing it. Is it insect damage, disease, or just lack of water? Then we'll address it."

And customers don't even have to remember what their lawn needs when and then have to call up TruGreen to schedule a treatment. TruGreen sets up their service like a utility and comes out automatically, and on a regular schedule, to take care of things. They will, of course, call you the day before each treatment, just in case you're planning a lawn party or something, and, if necessary, will reschedule.

Kevin was raised in Rapid City, but now that he lives in Casper, with his Casper-native wife Lisa, he likes Casper better. "The people here are much friendlier." Kevin and Lisa's daughter Michaela is a freshman at Casper College studying nursing. In their free time, they like to do fun things around Casper such as camping and riding the highways on a motorcycle.

Have you noticed that after Kevin came to Casper in 1995 and started this TruGreen franchise, Casper's lawns are prettier than ever. Thanks, Kevin, and be sure to thank your outstanding crew, too.

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