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If These Walls Could Talk

Fresh Decorating Ideas from the Casper Home and Garden Show


Julie York

Window & Wall Gallery

The 2009 Casper Home and Garden Show filled the Casper Events Center with vendors from the home decorating and building industries. For 3 days, a steady crowd of visitors browsed among the display booths picking up small gifts and hopefully ideas on how to improve their homes.

Vendors from surrounding states, as well as those from the Casper area, have begun to see the Casper Home and Garden show as a must-do event. It always draws over 10,000 visitors. In spite of the oft-reported economic downturn in the country, homeowners are still enthusiastic about home improvement. Our homes have increasingly become the center of our leisure-time activities. Theatre rooms, home spas and gyms, game rooms, and outdoor kitchens are on many wish lists. We love natural materials, and we love high-tech functionality. At the show, natural materials like wood, leather, and stone were frequently paired with high-tech stainless steel and top-of-the-line electronics.

Log furniture and rustic cabinetry were represented. Several vendors showed beautiful granite countertops. Silestone offered an alternative in a composite countertop made of reclaimed quartz. Natural stone was shown for landscaping, and concrete overlay convincingly mimicked stone, tile, and wood for both indoor and outdoor applications. An impressive stone-coated steel roof appeared similar to very high-dimensional shingles, but was actually made of sculptural, interlocking panels. CS Exterior Designs showed a product called BellaStone--- lightweight insulated panels that looked like a stacked stone wall. Wrought iron interior accents and exterior gates and fixtures were well-done. Likewise, there were fine examples of beautiful inlaid hardwood floor designs.

Although most of the products shown were those that represented a larger investment, smaller niceties also abounded. Luxuriant scented candles and air fresheners tempted. Artistic painted furniture promised a whimsical touch. There were mini-galleries of outdoor photography and paintings. Specialty cookware was demonstrated. I was truly impressed with the new Tupperware line. Though I was never a fan of the old homey style, the new version is quite different and pretty.

At our own booth, it's always fun to see which of our new designs will be popular. This year there were three clear-cut favorites. One was an embroidered suede and etched slate cornice board in subtle green. The other two were arched wrought iron rods with light airy valances--- both custom-designed and made here in Casper.

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