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The Howe Family

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04/01/2009 - The Howes

By Tami Watts

Meet the Howe family. They are full of smiles, ten of them to be exact. And if Socks the cat and their three new little frogs (waiting for official names) could smile, you could add four more to the count.

Cody and Samantha are the proud parents of their brown- haired, blonde -haired, brown-eyed, blue-eyed bunch. From the start they wanted to have a large family. And look, their dream came true.

Rebekah is their oldest. She is thirteen. This kind young lady is a natural with babies and small children. She has a beautiful singing voice and a gift for embroidery. Along with being a great help at home, she too helps other ladies clean their houses. If you have the chance to converse with Rebekah, please do not mention math. It is her Achilles heel!

Oldest of the five boys is Clayton, otherwise known as Clay. He is 11. This guy likes to draw, work with his hands, modify objects and think up invention ideas. He is the sibling with "situational humor" and knock-knock jokes remain in his grasp.

Ian, age nine, has a "sunny personality" and a compassionate heart. No one is a stranger to him. With his love for people, he enjoys performing for them in dramas. He is quite good at it, too.

Elisabeth, spelled with an s rather than a z, is eight years old. She has a gift for hearing music. On their piano in their living room, she can pick out the notes for songs without any help. Elisabeth is goal-oriented and creative like her daddy.

Lydial age seven, "lives in her own little world". Doesn't that make you want to get a sneak peek? She has a delightful time with her dollies. For one thing, her dollies leave her dangling baby teeth alone! Lydia also likes to swim. Maybe she pretends she is a fish. Her imagination is large enough for that, amd more!

Every family may have a miracle child. Benjamin is the miracle child of the Howe family. Born with a virus, he spent his first ten days at the Children's Hospital in Denver. By God's grace he recovered and has no repercussions. This five year old doesn't wane in energy. In fact, his parents describe him as "busy, busy, busy!" Being in motion most of the time and expressing himself with quite a vocabulary, he keeps the household humming.

Second to youngest is Gideon. He is two. Gideon enjoys playing with his trucks and pretending to talk on the phone. He also likes to sing which reflects his mom's love for music.

Just fifteen months younger than Gideon, is Timothy. He is a fun loving and independent one year old. Socks the cat receives a lot of his affection. It still remains to be seen how Timothy is going to love on the three, new frogs in the aquarium.

Cody and Samantha are Casper natives and they are contentedly raising their children here. They enjoy our parks, Museums, ARTCORE, and the river walk. Cody likes being able to drive around and see someone he knows. Samantha likes the "small town feel and the big town amenities".

Cody owns and operates the McCarty's Magic Carpet Cleaning business.

Samantha's father helped him set up this successful business three years ago. In the Natrona and Converse counties, Cody, in his nice and personable way, provides

residential and commercial cleaning, along with final clean-up for new construction, remodels, rentals and home sales at reasonable rates. He chose this profession for two reasons: (1) so his children can be a part of it now and in the future and (2) he can serve others.

Cody's heart for serving others is shared by his family. They shovel walks for neighbors, help Meals On Wheels on Thursdays and Fridays, sing at Park Place once a month and support the Walk For Life that generates funds for the Carenet Pregnancy and Resource Center of Casper. They also are active in their church, Liberty Baptist.

While they are limited on space in their home, they don't let that stop them from being hospitable on a regular basis. Neighbors, friends, missionaries, and college tour groups feel welcomed at their long dinner table. Their serving and contentment are as big as their family.

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