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Wyoming Athletic Club

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03/01/2009 - Tennis pro Dale Nurnbirg came to the Wyoming Athletic Club's eastside location from Bismarck, North Dakota because he was enticed by the challenge to grow Casper folks' participation in tennis as successfully as he'd grown it in Bismarck where, when he left there after six years, tennis-court bookings had grown from 5,300 hours to 8,000 hours.

So how'd he do that?

"We just tried to think what we could do to make tennis better. And that's the same thing we want to do here."

Like what?

A couple of things. First, focus on generating an interest in tennis among kids ages 5 through 18. Secondly, focus on starting a beginners adult program.

For the kids program:

1. The Club is offering a high school clinic for 1˝ hours and lunch for…an unbelievably low price (Okay. Now, Dale told me the price and I wrote it down, but as I stare incredulously at the chicken scratches in my notebook, I'm thinkin' I've got it wrong. Sorry.);

2. Non-member kids who get involved in the tennis program are eligible for a financial savings;

3. The Club, which sports a long row of indoor tennis courts, is working with Casper's Park and Recreation so Rec. kids can play tennis all year around instead of only in the summers.

For the adult beginners program:

1. Six group lessons;

2. A free tennis racket for use at the Club (And wait'll you hear about the improvements in tennis racket and ball manufacturing over the past several years);

3. Three free hours of court time;

By the way, here's an added bonus for getting your whole family involved in tennis at the Wyoming Athletic Club. Whether kids and parents are just learning tennis or have been playing for a while, when they're playing together, they're not only getting good exercise, they're building stronger relationships and will have something fun to do together for the rest of their lives.

Okay, so here's the thing about the improvements in tennis rackets and balls. The balls' compression is much softer for beginners. As the player improves, he uses balls with higher and higher compression. As for the rackets, they are also proportioned to match the player's ability level. (And, no, we're not talking about those huge, honkin' 'Prince' rackets from the 1970's). These proportional balls and rackets allow the player to experience more success and to improve more rapidly with less injury (I assume "less injury" means both to your body and to your ego.).

The Wyoming Athletic Club's owner Lou Quint and general manager Mike Glickman brought Dale on board because they know how much the game of tennis will add to the people of Casper's enjoyment. And they know Dale is the person to do it.

For more information, call the Club on 455 Thelma Drive at 265-6929 and ask for Dale.

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