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Cool Kid

The Garbutts

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03/01/2009 - Meet Caleb, Kassidi, Benjamin and Daniel, the children of Jim and Nancy Jo Garbutt. They are kind-hearted, "cool kids" who are making a difference in their family and in our community.

Nearly two and a half years ago both of their grandpas became quite ill and have come to need their help. Lovingly, the Garbutt children have and are continuing to help them.

For Papa Walt and Nana Bert of Bar Nunn, Nancy Jo's parents, they help clean their home every other week. Caleb, 15, makes the bathrooms sparkle. Kassidi, 13, cleans the kitchen by washing the dishes and putting a shine to the floor. Benjamin, 12, vacuums with detail, paying attention to both the open spaces and the harder to get to corners. Daniel, 5, dusts , empties the trash and takes walks with his Papa. They also shovel the sidewalk, mow the lawn, paint the fence and help them with organizing.

These dear kids are greatly appreciated. Nana Bert says, "They are great kids. They do a lot of work for us. I thank the Lord for them."

For Grandpa Garbutt, Jim's dad who lives out near Bessemer Bend, they take turns helping him get his dinner ready and helping him get to bed. They also mow his lawn and shovel his walk. They are hapy to be able to help him as well.

In the community, the Garbutts serve a meal at the Rescue Mission once a month. On an average, they are serving 40 to 50 people. They also distribute day old muffins, cakes and vegetables to those with low incomes. Kassidi shares, "I think it is cool to give to them. They really appreciate it and it gives me a good feeling inside."

Jim and Nancy Jo would like to have helping and giving be a natural part of their children's lives. I want them to love one another and extend that love and care to others," says Jim. "It too will help them be good spouses and parents someday."

The Garbutts enjoy sports. "I love football, baseball, basketball and soccer," says Daniel without a hint of hesitation. This was his first year to participate in soccer at the Boys and Girls Club. His siblings participate as well.

They, along with friends, play football for fun. Even Kassidi joins them.

Wyoming is in their blood. They enjoy hunting antelope, deer and even a moose!"

Two years ago Kassidi started hunting the big game. Her first deer was a five-point buck. It was so handsome that Grandpa Garbutt had it mounted and is displaying it in his home. Last year she shot her first antelope.

The kids have learned how to turn antelope meat into tasty tacos, hamburgers and spaghetti dishes. Sometimes they take turns with the cooking. Along with cooking wild game, they help process it by grinding and wrapping it.

The Garbutts enjoy taking backpacking trips into the Wind River Mountains above Lander. One of their trips turned out to be quite adventurous. While their dad was flyfishing (without wearing a shirt), the wind caught the cast and lodged the hook square into his back. Benjamin grabbed a spare hook, stuck it into a sausage and figured our how he could carefully manuver the hook forward, clip its barbs and remove it, using the opposite direction. Kassidi applied fruit and vegetable rinse. Together they prolonged the campout and they helped their dad heal without any scarring!

Caleb, Kassidi, Benjamin and Daniel are quiet "cook kids". They do not seek recognition. But we at Our Town Casper find it fitting to recognize them. They are kind, sincere, caring and inspiring. They , in their own unique ways help make our community a warm and special place.

Garbutt children, thanks for being you. Hope you get your moose this year!

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