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Joe and Cheri Corbett Family

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03/01/2009 - The Corbett kids, Cameron (a college senior), Kayleigh (a college junior), and Kyree (a high school junior) all grew up going to Kids Works. Why not? Their mom Cheri was, and still is, Kids Works' owner-operator.

"Kyree was 6 months old when I started bringing her to Kids Works," Cheri tells me. "By the time she was 5, she thought she ran the place. She'd tell her friends, 'I can't play right now. I have to work.'"

Kyree blushes and smiles as her mom tells the story. "I love kids. After college, I'd like to teach kindergarten or first grade." A student at NC, Kyree "take all the child care classes I can," also loves her art classes, is enrolled in the Academy Program, and runs cross-country and track. Oh, and in her spare time, she works at Kids Works. And this time, it's not just make-believe.

Older sister Kayleigh, who works full-time at Kids Works, is enrolled full-time at Casper College-University of Wyoming majoring in Social Work. After she earns her Masters, she'd loved to focus her social work career on kids. "There are so many ways I can work with kids. DFS. Adoption agencies. Private practice." In high school Kayleigh, like her sister, loved her art classes. And she loves to express her creativity now by making jewelry.

And, guess what? Kayleigh isn't the one who told me about her love of making jewelry. It was Kyree. During our visit, one sister often "bragged on" the other. I gotta tell ya, I don't remember ever seeing siblings be so supportive of one another. That's some g-o-o-o-d parenting, Mom and Dad.

The girls also speak highly of their brother Cameron who is a senior at Colorado Christian University. Kyree says, "We're all really close. We talk at least two times a day." Cameron's major is Business Management, his minor is Finance. And he's a pitcher on the University's baseball team. Hm-m-mů Do we see the title Sports Agent in his future?

The kids' dad and Cheri's husband Joe is a petroleum engineer. He does everything he can to orient his family life around his career life. Cheri tells me, "He takes his weekends and gives them to our kids. And two weeks' vacation." And he devotes a lot of time to Kids Works. "He's a great business partner. Great visionary and supporter. And my favorite Maintenance Guy is Joe. Once Joe was here and one of our little boys asked him if he was Mr. Cheri. He just laughed."

Married 25 years, Joe and Cheri have lived a couple of other places, including Denver. When they moved to Casper from Denver 16 years ago, Cheri decided she wanted to "start something for kids to do. A family entertainment center where parents can come to play with their children." Thus, Kids Works was created. As times and families changed over the years, Kids Works began catering more to working parents and now the business is 90% day-care-pre-school and 10% family entertainment.

"I'm so glad I started a business where I could have my kids with me all-day, every-day," Cheri tells me. "And I'm glad I can offer that for my workers."

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