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Cool Kids

Mariah Parks

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07/01/2008 - Three-year old Mariah Parks pulled her pink princess lounge chair up and settled in for a visit. Just before she sat down, I asked her which of the princesses on her chair was her favorite. She pointed to Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

"She's my favorite because she's really beautiful," Mariah said. "I really like princesses. I was a flower girl like a princess."

Mariah is not one to ponder over her answers. She's a girl who knows her mind and she answers without hesitation. She took a short time out from playing with her daddy's cousins at her great grandpa's 80th birthday party to tell me a little about herself. Would you guess that this little princess in training with her sundress and pretty pink toenails wants to be a point dancer when she grows up? She pointed her pink, flip-flop clad foot at me and said, "This is why they call it point."

She enjoys going to her ballet classes and going to school at Mount Hope Lutheran Preschool with her best friend Marie.

"I met her a long time ago when I was a baby and I couldn't talk," Mariah explained.

She went on to say that she likes to "go to the store with my mommy and shop for toys." Mariah's favorite game is Hi Ho Cherry-O and her favorite toy is her Barbie doll. You guessed it, she's a Barbie princess. Mariah also likes to play on her swing set.

"They really don't let me play on my swing set in winter," she said of her parents, Jason and Amanda Parks. "They don't want me to go outside when it's cold. But when I wear a snow suit it's really warm."

The best thing in Mariah's closet is her princess costume, and her favorite color is pink. She likes to make cards for her friends and take pictures with her mommy's camera. "I took one today of Ashley, my baby cousin."

Mariah is making plans with her family to go to a beach house this summer. She's excited to swim in the ocean, but she's a bit worried about stepping on things in the sand.

"I'm scared of the crabs," she said, "because their claws snap."

When I asked Mariah to tell me about her family she said,

"In my family are:

My fish

My dog

My mommy

My brother

My daddy"

She paused between each family member to watch as I wrote in my notebook. Then she told me that she likes to play with her little brother, Brody. She also told me that her dog's name is Ace and she has two fish in her bedroom.

"They're Sunny and Tetra. Interesting name, huh?" she said.

Sunny is a goldfish and Tetra is a tetra.

About this time Mariah started looking over her shoulder at the cousins. "Is this almost over?" she asked. It was time to ask the last few questions and send her on her way.

Q: What makes you happy?

A: Playing with my friend Marie.

Q: What makes you mad?

A: My mommy and daddy saying no.

Q: What makes you cool?

A: Makin' me a princess would be cool.

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