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Cool Kids

Bailey Anderson

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06/01/2008 - Eight-year old Bailey Anderson is mommy to a white toy poodle named Sugar Plum, a cat named Sarah, and 47 Webkinz®. Bailey saved her money, and then joined in the Webkinz Extravaganza purchasing the furry pets from local stores. Friends and family members gave her their "free with purchase" Webkinz® as well. Now Bailey logs on to the Webkinz® site every day to play with her virtual pets and feed and water them to ensure their health and happiness.

"If you don't play with them for a while, they get logged off and you have to log them in again. That's why you have to keep the tags," Bailey explained.

Bailey is finishing second grade at Southridge Elementary School where she has enjoyed reading and art class. She is excited to get all of the year's artwork returned to her so she can give it to her mom, Tracylee Anderson. Bailey feels she is very good at art and hopes to be an art teacher when she grows up. In addition to art class at school, Bailey makes art at home and is a member of a club at Pottery by You. For Mother's Day this year, Bailey made a flower pot for her mom in which she planted a flower and enhanced it with a little snail.

Bailey is also a budding author. She has written three books and is completing a fourth. She has written two books of poetry and a fiction story entitled, Erin and the Dragons. She is currently trying to finish another work of fiction called Super Snail.

"Super Snail saves people," Bailey said. "Like if a bus is going over a broken rail, it pushes the bus back up. It just does stuff like that."

Since she was three years old, Bailey has had a dream for the world. In this two-part wish there would be no bugs. They would only be imaginary. And the whole outside would be covered in mattresses. "Then no one would get hurt," Bailey said. She also explained that the mattresses would be different colors so the world wouldn't just be white or gray, and the mattresses would all be the same height so no one would trip over a taller edge.

This girl knows how to have fun even without a mattress padded world. Bailey plays soccer and basketball, gives hip hop dance a try, and wheels around her basement on her Heely's while listening to her iPod. She enjoys listening to Spongebob songs, Hannah Montana and Disney songs. Bailey also likes to play basketball with her friends and have sleepovers, staying up late and eating pizza.

"I also really like jumping on my trampoline," Bailey said. "I just have to keep the door shut on the net so I don't fall out and break my wrist again."

Bailey's favorite color is blue. She loves swimming at the Aquatics Center, and she loves chocolate ice cream. Her favorite animal is the giraffe.

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