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From a Father's Heart

Things I learned along the way..

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06/01/2008 - OUR TOWN CASPER is fortunate to have some wonderful dads as contributing writers. In honor of Father's Day, we asked them to share the following nuggets of wisdom:

Chris Crossen: "Every night when I tuck my children into bed, after they say their prayers, 'I tell them I'm thankful to God that I have you. I'm the luckiest daddy in the world to have you for my little girls.' Also, when you're wrong, admit it, because you know the response I get when I do that...'that's okay, Daddy, nobody's perfect!'"

Marc Delgadillo: "True failure is not about whether you succeed or not, true failure is not attempting to try."

Harry Martin: "A quote...I'm really bad at this... (Editor's note: We think you did a great job, Harry, so we printed it all!)

It's great to be a father. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to

mentor my sons on how to be a dad. We go fishing, hiking, and motorcycle

riding. My guiding hands are training my sons to be responsible dads.

Sharing skills in play, building wood kits, birding, and discovering

nature. This is time well spent with two young boys eager to learn a

father's ways. I wish to be remembered for how I raised my sons - with

love, kindness, and understanding. Too many dads neglect their families

for fortune or fame. They are blind to the wealth of a caring and loving


Aaaaah, here's one I like...

I began teaching my sons how to be a father from the days they were

born. What better gift can I give than to be their Dad?

More thoughts...

Education, health, and nurturing are the things I freely give that

cannot be measured but in time and love. In return, they become fathers

who pass on the same traits.

The mark of a good dad is when a teenage son still hugs you back.

I better stop now, or I'll never get done."

Joe Mizell: "Your children will learn much more from what you do than what you say...especially if the two are in conflict. Be sure to give out lots of hugs and remember that it's not enough to show them you love them...tell them you love them...often."

Randy DeVaul: "Yep, great idea. How bout keeping the title in the immediate, though, rather than the past: things I learn along the way, as parenting continues to be a moving target that requires life-long and on-going learning on the part of me AND my kids.

So - the wisdom of the aged sage on fatherhood:

As a father, I have learned three - yea, four - important life-long lessons: my kids want me (my time) more than my stuff or money; if I listen first and then speak, I jump to fewer wrong conclusions; keeping a sense of humor keeps life bearable (and my kids alive); and my personal faith in and relationship with God helps me better demonstrate to my kids the values and purpose of life."

Tony Borton: "I've found that my children thrive on three things that

I can give them: tons of affection, a great deal of time spent together,

and an enormous amount of prayer on their behalf. If you can only manage

to give your children one of these three, prayer is the most essential."

Andy Jozwik: "Before I became a dad becoming one didn't seem to be a necessary thing. Now that I am one it turns out it's the most important thing. Later on I hope I can look back and know I was as good to my kids as mine (dad) has been to me."

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