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06/01/2008 - I have been slacking off on my reading health articles for awhile and decided to observe a few things that I had noticed in the last few weeks. Here are some my observations.

A visit to the grocery store: I stood in line and listened to couple of shoppers complaining about gas prices -- that they were outrageous and that the government should do this or that. Now this was an interesting conversation and I wanted to weigh in with suggestions of my own but I decided I'd keep my two cents in my pocket. I thought to myself, that extra three bucks you're paying for those chips that you really don't need could easily help pay for a gallon of gas. And maybe walking a little more, such as going to the store for those few items. Or, walking with the kids to get on ice cream cone and then walking back home will save gas and also bum the calories from the ice cream. Riding a bike occasionally can also make sense. I guess it's true we are too attached to our vehicles.

Recently I have seen a lot of patients with foot problems. Now what surprised me the most was that most of the individuals either need to get orthotics or already have some. Observing the individuals walking can make me cringe as I watch their ankles buckle inward indicating a potential problem to the foot or ankle and eventually the knee. I have pointed this problem out to the individuals and I have been told that they have supports. I ask, "And you're not wearing them because?" And the response is straight up "Because I only wear sandals or flip-flops when the weather is nice." I tell them they just defeated the prupose of the supports and I will ask, " Did they help?"

"Yes." Then they explain that for the sake of weather and style they will forego them. (Great.) What are just as bad are individuals who need the support all day long but won't wear shoes inside the home because of their carpet or they just won't wear them, period. "Yikes."

Finally, my children and probably my wife hate this time of year and I'm sure my parental skills will be questioned, because I will disconnect the cable. When school is out, many children can't wait to let the brain atrophy start. Last year amidst a lot of protesting my children survived. (Of course with the help of DVD series of NCIS and Gilmore Girls). I suggested various things to keep them occupied. But soon the house became filled with the heavy sigh of 'yes Dad'. Well, I hope you enjoy your summer. I will pick up my fishing rod, grab the golf clubs and will see you in the fall!

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