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To Your Health

Importance of Detoxification

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05/01/2008 - Recently, advertising has increased by different salons, spas and health clinics for detoxification. My clinic has used a machine for detoxification purposes for years, but that's not what i really wanted to discuss here in this article. The point of emphasis is need.

Why is it so important? Bellieve it or not we are subjected to over 400 different toxins on a daily basis. These range from heavy metal exposures, petroleum based products, and out gassing from various products. These are inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin and will accumulate in our cells. Many researchers feel these accumulations over time may result in a host of symptoms that sometimes cannot be explained.

How does our body deal with this? Our diet and lifestyle can have the most effect. If we don't eat a diet that is rich in nutrients and limit our exposure to these toxins, our body can't effectively deal with them. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Our diet is usually not too great and we have a significant shortfall in nutrients resulting in cellular damage. After a period of time the body will not function the way it should in dealing with removal of the toxins. Limiting exposure to the toxins is pretty challenging since they are all around us and they are a part of our daily lives and activities [material for clothes and upholstery and bedding, paint, carpets, linoleum, glues, plastic bottles (plastic liners for baby bottles), and auto exhaust, to mention a few]. Scary, huh?

So how do you know whether you may have been affected by any of this stuff? This can be difficult in general. There may be some lab tests that will assess what is going on with the body's general functioning. However, the way in which our bodies individually react to this stuff is like fingerprints -- everybody is unique. One example of this may be Autistic children, who have an apparent problem with the body's ability to get rid of mercury. Some people get sick over smells. Others won't. What about what we ingest and absorb in our body? Sometimes these may take time to surface.

What does our body do to detox? Our body will try to get rid of these through the liver, kidneys, and skin. That's why it is so important to eat right and take additional supplements -- the body is now under a lot of stress trying to function "normally", deal with the effects of toxins, as well as eliminate toxins. The best way to start trying to help the body do this is sweating. "Yup" good, old fashioned, stinky sweat. But some individuals may struggle with this and may need appropriate supervision.

How often should I detox? The answer to that question is, surprisingly, daily. Sweating is the best. There are other detox products that may be needed for digestive, blood, liver and such to help you get started but, in a sense, it is some form daily. Now I'm sorry this article is a little short and general, but it could get too lengthy and controversial (my editors don't like that, Hi Joe!) so I will close for now and see you next month. See ya!

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