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Marraige and Family

Do Employees' Marriages, Families, and Relationships Affect their Work?

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05/01/2008 - As an employer in Wyoming, we know that you struggle to find (and keep) good employees. You know the ones: hardworking, dedicated, who rarely call in sick and do not typically cause problems in the workplace that can and do affect company morale. But how can you find, keep and help your employees so that they can help grow your business? Read on!

The research report "2006 Marriage & Family Wellness: Corporate America's Business?" shows consistent and compelling research supports what businesses intuitively have known all along: employees who enjoy relational health at home, in their marriages, families and relationships are more productive and make better leaders than their peers. The research establishes that job satisfaction and marriage, family and relationship satisfaction actually feed each other in a positive cycle linking personal prosperity and financial prosperity in business. Strong families led by strong marriages support strong businesses and ultimately, a strong community. Here are some other important findings:

Over 90% of all Americans will marry at some point in their lives

The national divorce rate is high, and Wyoming ranks in the top 5

The popularity of marriage is decreasing while cohabitation is increasing, this is due to fear of marriage failure and divorce

Most people who divorce get remarried, often creating stepfamilies

We also know that there are many positive benefits of being married. Happily married couples experience:

Better overall health

Longer lives

More satisfying sex lives

Greater wealth

More loyalty and stability in employment

Relationship skills that transfer from home to the office (communication skills, conflict resolution skills, etc.)

Children who do better emotionally and academically

And many more!

You may be wondering what this has to do with your employees. As S. Truett Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-A Restaurants stated: "You can't expect [your employees] to do well in their [work] if they've got problems at home." Marriage and divorce affect your company's financial bottom line!

Divorce costs society about $25,000 to $30,000 because of the increase in costs of supporting people with housing, food stamps, bankruptcies, problems with youth, and other related expenses. Failing relationships cost companies money too! For an average employee making $20/hour, the projected cost of that employee divorcing is over $8,000! Promoting healthy marriage can be a major part of any company's focus – good marriages lead to greater profits and can reap incredible benefits in the loyalty of their employees, reduced turnover, increased productivity, and overall morale of the workforce.

What can you do to promote Healthy, Happy Marriages, Families, and Relationships to your employees? Begin to develop a "Family Friendly Business" environment and get ready to "talk the talk" and more importantly "walk the walk!" The Wyoming Healthy Marriage Initiative is here to help!

We have posters you can hang in your employee break room or in a high traffic area where your employees will see them. We have FREE brochures about every aspect of dating, marriage, parenting, and stepfamilies you can request to hand out. We can help you host a site-specific marriage enrichment activity just for your employees! All you have to do is call us, 1-866-WYO-FAMS or visit us on the web at www.WYOFAMS.org. Go ahead, start increasing productivity, financial return, and company morale…"walk the walk"! Your employees and your bottom line will thank you!

The Wyoming Healthy Marriage Initiative, For Ever After!

(a copy of the "2006 Marriage & Family Wellness: Corporate America's Business?" research report can be found at www.marriagecomission.com or www.prepare-enrich.com )

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