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Cool Kids

The Howe Family

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05/01/2008 - So, in a family of eight children, how does one narrow it down for an interview? Eliminate the ones who can't talk and go from there! Rebecca, Clayton, Ian, Elisabeth, Lydia and Benjamin are the cool older siblings of Gideon and Timothy and the children of Cody and Samantha Howe. While they all love being part of a big family, each child had unique answers to my interrogation session.

Ten-year-old Clay, with a delightful sense of humor and candor, volunteered to go first. Clay is all boy! He likes football, shooting, wrestling, playing with his friends, playing guns, climbing trees, taking things apart and building things. Clay is good at cooking and said, "I like to cook meat and cakes. And I would like to say Crème Brule." He enjoys sporting goods stores and the Crossroads Adventure Park. "I would like to go to junk yards to find parts for soapbox racers and stuff," he said. Clay also likes drums and says he would love to learn to play. Some recent highlights for him have been getting his first gun and working with his uncle fixing big trucks. Clay likes being one of the oldest in a large family, but said, "It's very scary because I have a lot of responsibility." On the other hand, "all my younger siblings follow me and look up to me." About his future plans Clay said, "I would like to go into the Air Force when I grow up. When I come home from that I want to do construction work, get married and have as many kids as God gives me.

Elisabeth was next in the hot seat. The seven year old describes herself as having ocean-gray eyes and being in the "oneth" grade. She said it's fun to learn new things. She likes to cook and is famous for her pistachio salad. "It is good," she said with emphasis. Elisabeth's favorite color is purple and she likes gun fighting, climbing trees and riding bikes. When asked what she likes about being part of a big family, she said, "I have tons of brothers. I like that I have my baby brothers Timothy and Gideon. I'm thankful God gave my daddy a job so he can provide for our family." Elisabeth's favorite places in Casper are "the wooden park (Crossroads), the Olde Town place where those games are – it's fun. I like to go to Adam's Park to put our feet in the water. I love to go to GaGa's house (Grandma Susan) and across the street to play." When she grows up Elisabeth said, "I'd like to be a missionary's wife and preach the gospel to others who don't know Jesus."

By the time you read this article, Ian will have celebrated his ninth birthday. When he's not kicking a soccer ball or climbing on stuff, Ian said he likes to dream about things. "I dream about being in the Army and saving a general. Or I dream about making something that changes the future, makes it better." Ian also likes stories from other's imaginations. "I like to practice my reading," he said, "I read whatever I can get my hands on." Ian said he's good at staying out of fights and likes to go to museums and parks "where I can run around. I really like Adam's Park." Someday Ian hopes to go into the Army. "After I retire," he said, "I'll get a wife and settle down, or maybe go into the police." About the size of his family Ian said, "I really like it. I like taking care of my brothers. Like that little trouble maker," he said grinning as he pointed to Gideon.

Six-year-old Lydia likes to play with Barbies and go camping. "And I like to clean carpets with my dad," she said. She also likes to go swimming. "It makes me so excited," she said as she wiggled in her chair. Her favorite thing to do in Casper is to go for a drive and look at lights at Christmas. Going to the park is a top priority for her, and she said she's really good at playing at the computer. But she hates picking up dog poop (don't we all?). When she grows up, Lydia thinks it would be fun to live in a hotel and "do the counter." But for now she is happy living at home with her family, "because it's cool and I love it," she said.

Rebecca, 12, has what it takes to be a first-born with younger siblings. She likes babysitting and being around little kids. She said sometimes it's hard being the oldest because she has more responsibilities than everyone else, but she also gets more privileges. Becca enjoys reading. She especially likes books about pioneers and the Oregon Trail. One of her favorites is the Little House on the Prairie series. In keeping with her love of books, Becca's favorite place in Casper is the library. "It has all the books I can pick from," she said, "I'm just in heaven there." Becca said it makes her happy to go to her room and read books or listen to stories on CD. "I could do that all day." She also likes to go swimming, run and play outside and sew and embroider. She hopes to someday marry and have children of her own.

At the age of four, Ben made the funniest faces, but had the least to say. He likes to play with toys and games. He also likes to watch movies and stay up past his bedtime. "I like to drink hot cocoa and tea," he said. Ben enjoys going to Casper's parks and stores, and says he's good at climbing and running. It makes him mad when people pick on him, but he's happy when people tickle him. He likes being part of a big family saying, "I like that they share and they let me sleep with them." For now, Ben thinks he'd like to be a firefighter when he's old enough.

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