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Cool Kids

Jordan Lopez

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04/01/2008 - I had heard rumor that 12-year-old Jordan Lopez has a really great sense of humor. It didn't take long to discover the rumors are true. Our conversation began with short, well-mannered answers:

"Yes ma'am."

"No ma'am."

"Blue" (his favorite color)

"Ramen Noodles" (his favorite food)

"Christmas" (his favorite holiday)

Then I saw him looking very seriously at someone passing by and performing the age-old motion of pointer and little fingers directed at his own eyes, then at the person walking by. He was wordlessly letting his youth pastor know, "I'm watching you."

Then he suggested we needed a different title for this article since he doesn't consider his ever-present fanny pack to be very cool. "My friends make me call it a manly pack. But it keeps me organized. I carry a Bible in here, and a calculator. It's sort of like an extra big wallet."

Jordan is the son of Joaquin and April Lopez and big brother to Caleb. He has lived in Casper for two years after moving from the Houston area when his mom took a position as Children's Pastor at Highland Park Community Church. Jordan said Casper is WINDY Ė "It's nothing like Texas. There's no moisture in the air." Even though it's a bit dry and breezy, Jordan says he likes Casper because "it feels small and safe."

Jordan describes a typical day for him as getting up, eating breakfast, getting on the computer, going to school, getting home and having a snack and watching TV or playing video games. "I like to have a free schedule," he said.

Jordan said, "I really enjoy physical humor. I watch TV shows like Bananas." Some of this physical humor has earned him a few nicknames among the kindergarten and first grade students in the Sunday school class he teaches with his dad, or Mini Me as Jordan likes to call him. Jordan said the kids see him "as the funny guy." Some of their names for him are Abraham Lincoln (an evolution from when he played Father Abraham in a skit), George Washington (a logical transition from Lincoln) and Pickled Fish Lips (he's still trying to figure out the origins of that one).

Someday Jordan hopes to attend Anderson University and become a youth pastor. When asked why a youth pastor, the CCA 6th-grader replied, "For one thing, they can act crazy as long as they share the Good News."

This Good News of Jesus Christ is the primary component of who Jordan is and who he will become. It is evident in his activities working in the church, his feeling that the church is his "second home," the things he likes and the things that make him sad and angry.

Jordan said he's saddened by "less fortunate kids. It sort of humbles you as I sit here and sip a $4 smoothie."

He is angered by bad parenting. "I don't like it when parents think too little of or expect too much of their kids."

I asked him to describe himself and with thoughtfulness and humor, he replied:

"I like to be uplifting and understanding. I really like being a good friend. And I hope to start a trend with the fanny pack."

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