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Geting ready for Spring!

04/01/2008 - Finally, after another long winter here in Wyoming, it looks like spring is almost here. Now is the time to begin preparing our homes, and gardens for the growing season. But as anyone who has lived in Wyoming for very long can tell you, although it seems like spring now it may look like December tomorrow. So, since the weather in Wyoming seems to be totally unpredictable this time of year, how is a winter-weary gardener to know when it is safe to plant? Well, the general rule of thumb around Casper is that it is usually safe to plant flower beds, etc., around Memorial Day.

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Over the last few years it seems like the spring is coming much earlier. But you won't see me planting my whole garden anytime soon. I just know that planting my garden early will have the same result as washing and waxing my car does. It seems like the sky always darkens just as I am putting the lid back on the car wax. Just because we can't plant everything just yet, there are many things we can begin planting now.

Trees, shrubs, and perennials that have been acclimated to our local conditions are able to be planted early with no detrimental effects. Beware of trees or shrubs that have been recently shipped from out of state, because even if they are rated for our zone on their tag, if they have leafed out in a warmer climate, they may get bitten by the late frosts we sometimes have.

If you are looking for some early spring color, pansies, primrose, and iris, are very good at surviving sporadic cold snaps. So although the growing season is just around the corner, it might be wise to wait just a little longer before placing all your plants at the mercy of Wyoming weather.

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