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The Sam and Lisa Scaling Family

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04/01/2008 - Dr. Sam Scaling remains one of the top providers of women's health care in Casper. His practice includes full gynecological services including surgery, infertility, and in-office visits and procedures. In December, he discontinued one aspect of his practice, however. Obstetrics. Now, on the one hand, I'm sad to think he won't be delivering any more babies because he was so good at it. On the other hand, I'm happy to know that, after 30 years, he'll finally be able to count on a full night's sleep. That is until his son, Micah, gets a driver's license in a couple of years.

Recently Sam ventured into a new outlet for his creativity. Writing books for children. His first, The Littlest Christmas Tree, was published the end of last year. His second is currently being illustrated and his third will be finished by the end of the year. As I leaf through The Littlest Christmas Tree, Sam tells me how this book came to be. It started as a story he made up many years ago and told to his children Christmas after Christmas as they grew up. Ah-h...the sweetness of a father's heart. Sam has seven children, six from a prior marriage and Micah. Last year, Sam decided to write the story down and have it published. It is wonderfully illustrated by Susan Stanley with animals that can be found right here in Wyoming. His second book, also being illustrated by Susan Stanley, is about twins and their adventures and conversations in utero. I can hardly wait to see that one, too. If you're thinking of a gift for a little tyke in your life, the books are sold at Ralph's Book Store, the Blue Heron, Windy City Books, and in Sam's office at 1125 East 2nd.

Raised in Texas and New Mexico, Sam came to Casper in 1978 after completing his residency in OB/GYN at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. He was drawn to Casper because of the quality of medical care it offered. He remains in Casper because he likes the size of the town, the excellent school system, and because he likes the people.

"Yes," says Lisa, his wife of 20 years. "The people in Casper are wonderful. So friendly. And there are so many activities."

Lisa came to Casper from Thermopolis and worked in the business division at Casper College. She "has a passion" for working with non-profit, service-oriented organizations and for world-wide travel. She has traveled to 19 countries. A couple of years ago, she traveled to South Africa with then twelve-year-old Micah. There she and Micah, along with other members of Highland Park Church, worked with 30 boys in a center for AIDS orphans. The workers helped to teach and to make repairs on the building which included painting and pouring cement. As you might imagine, the event was life-changing for Micah.

Micah is in eighth grade at Casper Classical Academy. His favorite subjects are algebra, Latin, and science. "Yes," he admits. He's thinking of becoming a doctor. In his free time, Micah enjoys golf in the summers and snowboarding in the winters. Recently he was able to join his dad in one of Sam's most loved pass times: hunting. In May, Sam and Micah plan to travel to Alaska to hunt black bear. Maybe Micah will bring back a trophy to put in dad's trophy room.

Yes, trophy room. Before I leave their home after our visit, the Scalings show me the trophy room. On the walls are beautifully-mounted heads of North American big game including moose and big horn sheep. On the floor is the full body of a black bear that Sam brought from his last trip to Alaska. Above me are two heads that are definitely not from North America. One is an African water buffalo and the other is a Bengal tiger from India. These are gifts from master taxidermist Gibson Peterson.

The Scalings are a wonderful family to have with us right here in Casper!

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