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Bringing the Fresh Outdoors Indoors

02/01/2008 - Lately I've been noticing that there must be just about as many ads for air fresheners on TV, as there are odors that they claim to cover up, or even better, eliminate. People must be getting a lot smellier than they used to be, to need all those products to freshen their homes. A lot of these products try to mimic fresh air.

Myself, I tend to think that none of these artificial scents hold a candle to the real ones. Are any of the sprays quite as clean as the smell of someone coming if from the outdoors on a cold winters day, or as crisp as the scent of freshly cut pine? You might be wondering what this has to do with plants, or gardening.

As a greenhouse guy, I am lucky enough that the air at my office is usually fresher than the air in my home. Many of the scents advertised have names like Victorian garden, or fresh citrus. I think that rather than trying to mimic fresh citrus, it might be fun to bring home a mini orange, or a dwarf lemon tree. Other plants that are readily available that can freshen up your home are lavender, rosemary, Jasmine, or geraniums.

Although you may want to be careful, because, as I know from personal experience, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. I once brought home a four foot tall Jasmine for my wife, and it smelled amazing when it bloomed, unfortunately it always bloomed all at once. Needless to say after about two blooming periods, it was time for the jasmine to go.

Since then I have learned that it is better to use many smaller plants of different varieties to add some of the outdoors to our home. A plant does not have to be an overwhelmingly scented one to add freshness to your home, even plants with little or no fragrance such as crotens, or diefenbachias are natural air fresheners.

Try growing different plants in different areas of your home, not only will they add freshness, but they will also add to the look, and feel of your home.

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