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Cool Kids

Talon Herron

02/01/2008 - Talon Herron is a busy, five-year-old boy. The Prince of Peace Preschool student met me at the door and led me into the living room to meet his cats. Siren Aspen Tree is a friendly, short-haired, seal point Siamese who likes to "chat." Hence the name Siren. The older Shaman never moved a whisker.

(click for larger version)
"He's always grumpy," Talon informed me.

While I asked him questions, Talon walked around and around the living room, stopping by the coffee table for a bite of popcorn. Talon and I discussed many wonderful things like penguins, jelly fish, stingrays and snorkeling in Mexico. Without hesitation Talon said the best thing he's ever done is to go snorkeling. Talon, his parents, Tye and Tabitha, and his older brother and sister, Taylor and Paige, went to Tulum, Mexico this past summer. According to Talon, the highlight of the trip was snorkeling with wild Xel-Ha stingrays.

"He was a snorkeling fool," his mom said.

Talon showed me his plastic jelly fish and stingray and told me about petting stingrays at an aquarium. It was no surprise that he is undecided about his professional future. He's currently torn between being an aquarium owner or a fireman.

"My dad's a fireman," Talon told me, "that's why I want to be one."

Talon enjoys building things with his Legos, Magnetics and anything else he can use. Another goal for his future is to build a real robot. In the meantime he plays with his remote controlled robots and favors R2-D2 from the Star Wars episodes. Talon also likes to go snowshoeing and hiking on Casper Mountain with his dad, attend swimming lessons ("'cuz we don't want to drown") and eat watermelon. Talon likes watermelon "'cuz they're so juicy."

His favorite color is yellow, and one of his favorite books is Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones. He showed me the book and told me all about the Siamese kitten, Skippyjon, who thinks he's a Chihuahua. He then showed me a picture he had painted of his Siamese cat, Siren Aspen Tree. The picture showed great attention to detail with blue eyes, brown tipped ears and a long, black tail.

Talon brings a lot of joy and humor to his family. His mom, Tabitha, said he's always making eye-opening observations. A couple of them even ended up in this year's family newsletter.

"I don't like crocodiles their mouths open as wide as I am tall."

"I will never eat a caterpillar I don't want to burp out a butterfly."

How can you argue with that logic?

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