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The Brake Stop

02/01/2008 - Vanishing are the days when auto shops could repair everything. Vehicles are becoming too complex. Knowing how to diagnose and repair every single thing on every single vehicle is nearly impossible these days. Not to mention expensive. Nowadays, shops are beginning to specialize.

Marty Stover (click for larger version)
Take The Brake Stop, for instance. They only do brakes. Not tires, not mufflers. Just brakes. Because it's a specialty shop, The Brake Stop provides customers with top-notch work performed by top-notch technicians in a timely manner at a much cheaper price than the costumer would pay at a traditional, non-specializing shop. Guaranteed.

They call it the Brake Stop Best Price Guarantee. BSBPG for short. "We have never reneged on a guarantee," says owner/operator Marty Stover. "And we're not high-pressure. We also give free estimates. And free means free. If a person decides not to have us do the job, we don't suddenly charge them $29.95 for our estimate. Our estimates are free."

Marty acquired their building in 1998. It had once been a parts store, but it had caught fire, destroying everything inside. The cinder-block exterior, however, remained in tact.

"Good thing it was cinder-block," Marty says. "Otherwise the whole building would have been gone."

Patrick Stover (click for larger version)
Marty and his family went to work getting the building back into shape. "The hardest part was shoveling out 20 tons of ash," Marty says. A year later, after extensive remodeling, the The Brake Stop was open for business.

"I've always enjoyed tinkering with vehicles," Marty says. "And owning my own business, controlling my own destiny, has always been very big in our family. We don't retire. We work because we like what we do."

Marty has five sons. "My basketball team." The oldest is 14 and the youngest, identical twins, are seven. A couple of years ago, Marty started a tradition. "When each son turns 12, I buy a cruddy used car and we spend the next four years fixing it up." That way, when each gets his driver's license, he's set. Not only for right then, but for the rest of his life as he takes his confidence and knowledge into the future and as he keeps the memories of working in the garage with his dad in his heart forever.

As a kid, Marty moved to Casper with his family. He attended Sagewood Elementary and Kelly Walsh. His family's strong work ethic shaped him into the man he is today. Being able to fix things was important. And it built confidence so that he and his siblings "would not be afraid to try other things. Like plumbing. Anything." He continues. "My family doesn't come from money. My parents would show us kids an opportunity and it was up to us to take advantage of it."

The Brake Stop has three technicians including Marty. Marty's older brother Patrick, and their cousin Wayne Tracy. All are ASF (Automotive Service Excellence) certified. "We have a stable crew," Marty says. " We concentrate on one thing and we do it well."

Marty likes living in Casper. He likes the "ability to take advantage of the outdoors in so many ways. The river. The lake. The mountain. We're 30 minutes from Hogadon."

The Brake Stop is located at 2849 E. 2nd St. Their phone is 473-3072. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 7:30 am to 6 pm.

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