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Cool Kids

Eric & Isaac Lee and Geoff & Jeanna Cooper

Geoff & Jeanna (click for larger version)
10/01/2007 - As I've watched the pumpkins in my garden turn orange these past few weeks, it's turned my thoughts to fall and the many autumn traditions. A favorite fall event among kids is Halloween. I remember a spooky trick or treating night when I was about 5 years old. My mom took me around the neighborhood where I had collected a jack o' lantern full of candy. As I approached one front door, I heard eerie music and a cackling witch. I turned around and raced back to my mom. For this month's column, I asked two brothers and a brother and sister who are nearing the end of their trick or treating days to share some of their most memorable Halloween moments.

Eric Lee is 12 years old and in seventh grade at Dean Morgan Jr. High. His favorite thing about Halloween is the candy. "One year I got an entire pillowcase full of candy and ate it in three nights. I haven't had any cavities yet either," he said. Eric's best costume was last year when he was "that kid from Napoleon Dynamite," and his most memorable Halloween event happened when he lived in Texas. "A friend dressed up as a ghost and ran at us as we were driving through the cemetery. It was pretty funny. We screamed and he jumped into the back of the truck."

Isaac & Eric (click for larger version)
Eric's younger brother, Isaac, enjoys walking around town looking at all the people's costumes. If the 10-year-old son of Ann and Bill Lee decides to trick or treat this year, Isaac said he wants to be a zombie. His best costume was when he was four. "I did a clown and it scared the heck out of everyone." Isaac told about a scary moment about two years ago when "this guy came out of the bushes like the guy from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He popped out there and scared us all."

Isaac's fellow fifth-grader at Fort Caspar Academy, Jeanna Cooper, says her family tradition is to go to a friend's house for dinner and trick or treating with their friends. She enjoys the social aspect of the party, but says, "I've never really seen the point of Halloween. It's just to get candy and I don't really like most of the candy." Jeanna, who was born in Tennessee, said she was a Southern Belle last year just because it had the word Southern in it. It was kind of hard trick or treating in a hoop skirt, but the funniest thing according to the 11-year old, was when her friend Griffin was a hippy. "He was walking around with glow sticks in his afro wig like earrings and acting all weird," she said laughing.

Jeanna's 13-year-old brother, Geoff, said last year was officially his final year of trick or treating. This year he plans to "stay home and watch TV until I hear a knock on the door. Then I'll just go up and scare kids when I give them candy." Geoff agrees with Eric that the candy is the best thing about Halloween. Geoff, son of Tom Cooper and Guyla Greenly, looks forward each year to making jack o' lanterns and counts Darth Vader as his best costume ever.

Now my best costume was Cruella DeVille when I was 22 years old. Ten, 11, 12, 13, 22 Ö we may be too old for trick or treating, but a good costume is always a lot of fun. And who ever heard of anyone getting too old for candy?

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