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The Tim and Jenn Koslowsky Family

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10/01/2007 - Tim Koslowsky's goal is to "continuously win the heart of my wife."

To that end, for their eighth wedding anniversary, Tim surprised Jenn with a three-week vacation to Europe. Just the two of them.

Tim calls himself "a committed surpriser". Luckily Jenn likes surprises. Especially that kind.

Tim and Jenn have three precious little boys. Gathered around the family dining table, 4-year old Joshua asks me if I can guess how old he is. I size him up and guess around 14 or 15. Judging by his face, I must be way off. I try again. "Twenty-three?" The oldest, Kaleb, takes pity on me and tells me the correct answer.

Kaleb, age 5, is a natural leader. He's structured and orderly. He is well-spoken, loves to learn, and "He's wise for a 5-year old," says Tim. "He even teaches me things."

Kaleb asks to borrow a sheet of paper from my notebook so he can show how he can make the first letter of his first name. Yep. That's an easily recognizable 'K'. He turns the sheet over and shows me that he can also make a 'B'. Sure enough, that's a 'B'.

Tim tells me that 4-year-old Joshua is an adventurer. A conqueror. He loves a challenge and there is no challenge too great for him. When he is asked what he likes about being a part of this family, he smiles and says, "Mom and Dad are supreme."

Then there's one-year-old David. Like Joshua, his face is framed with soft blond curls. David is a charmer. A comforter. A counselor. Jenn says, "David is very loving. He loves to curl up beside us in the evening and go to sleep."

Kaleb says, "I'm glad we have a baby."

Tim works as a medical assistant in Dr. Drew Woodward's office. His job is to do pretty much what an office nurse does. Which suits Tim just fine because he was working toward his nursing degree when he and Jenn met at Casper College ten years ago.

Jenn works at home raising the boys and making a home for her family. She completed her degree in Elementary Education through the Casper College/University of Wyoming program. Raised in Powell, Jenn finds that she also loves her new home town, Casper.

"We like Wyoming but we're not small town people. Casper's just the right size and we like the people here." They also like the Casper area's outdoor recreation. Especially camping, mountain biking, and snowboarding.

For the first four years of their marriage, skiing and snowboarding were a part of Tim and Jenn's jobs. They served in full-time Christian ministry and the age group they served was youth and young adults. Which is the age group that seems to like that kind of thing.

Currently they serve in lay ministry at the Community of Hope Church here in Casper. Again they are working with young adults.

In their spare time Tim and Jenn work as independent contractors doing remodeling jobs for people in their homes. Their business is called Trinity Contracting. They offer consulting, designing, and building. Both Tim and Jenn are artists and set very high standards for their workmanship.

Tim says, "If I wouldn't do it in my house, I wouldn't do it in yours. I work according to God's standards."

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