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Preparations for Winter

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10/01/2007 - If This October is like most we have seen here in Wyoming in recent years, we can expect the first big snowstorm of the season to make trick or treating with our kids an adventure. But before the Wyoming winter settles in on us once again there are a few things we can still do in the garden. Although our vegetable crops have likely already had their foliage ruined by the first frosts of the season, many of the fruits will still be good for harvest. Vegetables like squash, pumpkins, and peppers will usually survive the first frosts with little or no damage. Other crops like corn, or tomatoes have likely gone bad long ago.

In addition to grabbing the last bits of produce left in the garden there are some very important things that need to be done outside our homes to prepare them for the possible early onset of winter. If you have a sprinkler system in your home it should have been blown out by now, if it hasn't yet than it should be very soon. Winterizing your system properly will make startup in the spring easier, and less costly.

Also, any newly planted trees, or shrubs that are in a high wind area should have a windbreak of some sort around them by now.

We have had a very pleasant fall this year in Casper, and there are many beautiful things to see right now around town. A trip to the mountain will allow you to visit the fall aspen stands. Even if their leaves have already dropped these stands are beautiful places to visit in the fall. Or a simple drive around your neighborhood will allow you to see the striking fall colors of various ornamental trees and shrubs, and may give you ideas for your own yard. So make sure your investment of hard work in your own yard is protected for the winter, and get out there and enjoy the fall while there is still time.

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