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Lindsay Bergman

Lindsay Bergman (click for larger version)
07/01/2007 - It began as a fun idea between giggly 8-year-old friends Lindsay Bergman and Dara Thoren. But then came the challenge. Lindsay, a third-grader at Crest Hill Elementary, has attended AWANA since kindergarten. This past spring, Lindsay's AWANA group came to a part in their book that encouraged students to choose a missionary to learn about, correspond with and pray for. Lindsay chose a missionary working with orphaned children in Uganda. She sent a letter to the missionary and waited for a response.

In the meantime, Lindsay said, "My friend Dara came over and we were talking about wanting to do a lemonade stand." A few days later Lindsay received a response from the missionary, from which Lindsay learned of a need for money so orphaned children could have a home.

"I thought it would be a good idea to use the lemonade stand to get money for the children," Lindsay said.

Lindsay's mom Tammy said, "She came up with the idea and brought it to me. She told me the particulars, what it would like, etc. She got really excited about the creative side and why she was doing it."

Dara and Lindsay (click for larger version)
Lindsay enlisted the help of her friend Dara and they began preparations making posters, aprons and sun visors. Tammy and Lindsay baked five dozen chocolate chip cookies and mixed up two gallons of lemonade. The stand opened for business May 12 during the Tent Sale and Farnham's Furniture where Lindsay's dad, Chad, is the manager.

"People were very supportive driving through the parking lot," Tammy recalled. "They got really excited when the kids told them about it."

That night, the Bergman family kitchen was alive with excited screams. By the time the cookies and lemonade were gone and all the money was counted, $535 had been raised.

"I was really happy," Lindsay said, "I just felt really good that I did this. I feel good because I know I helped someone who really needed something."

Lindsay's mom is proud, too. "I was proud of her understanding of what she was doing, why she was doing it and who gave her the success. It was a simple lemonade stand in an effort to help. She didn't do it for any recognition. She did it with a pure heart."

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